Qgirl-008 Stamping Plate Review

You’ve seen me use plate Qgirl-008 for my triangle gradient nails and for my summery floral nails, so this plate has some versatility!

I ordered this from Born Pretty Store.  Shipping was free and took about 13 days to arrive.  The plate was protected by the standard blue film that is over most stamping plates and also placed inside a vellum envelope as shown below.


Qgirl -008 fresh out of the envelope.

What’s also nice about these plates is the cute paper backing on the unetched side to help prevent yourself from getting cut by any sharp metal edges.


Safety first! The Qgirl-008 plate has a paper backing to protect you from getting cut.

Before doing any sort of stamping with this plate, you must remove the blue film first.


Flowers and triangles! A clean shot of Qgirl-008.

I love the patterns on this plate because they are both understated and can be used for two totally different manicures or simultaneously, if desired.  The floral pattern is what attracted me the most because of the different sized gradient of the flowers across 3/4 of the plate and the fact that they are a continuous design that isn’t separated into rectangular sections like with most brands.  This allows you to use this with big stampers and stamp the pattern onto longer/wider nails.

The triangles are cute and playful and make up a little less than 1/4 of the plate, but I thought that Qgirl could have used some more different sized triangles in the design to add more interest to the pattern.  There are only 2 bigger sized triangles, and they have to be stamped separately if they are to be used in a design.

I also find it hilarious that you could in theory stamp “Qgirl-008” onto your nails if desired.  Perhaps they could have used the space to fit in some more triangles.  At the very least, the logo could have been placed in the flower pattern instead of the triangle quadrant- there is definitely no shortage of flowers on this plate!

The etching of the plate looks good on the surface, but the pattern isn’t engraved as deeply as my plates from Cheeky or Konad.  I had a few issues trying to pick up the nail polish from the plate for both my triangle mani and my floral mani, as is evidenced by the consistency of the stamping in both cases.


Some triangles are fine, some are faded. The ones on my ring finger are hand painted.

Notice that the triangles on my index finger aren’t as clear as the ones on my middle finger, and I guarantee that I tried several times to get the pattern to pick up as much as possible and cleaned the plate with acetone after each try.  I found that if I very gently scraped the polish off the plate so that it almost looked like there was a light film of polish left over, the pattern would pick up better than if I scraped it off quickly.  The downside was that if there was too much film left over, the film of polish also got picked up by the stamper.  It was a little hard trying to find the right balance of pressure to get the triangles right.

When I did the floral mani, I had the same problems trying to pick up the polish and again had to try several times to get the pattern to pick up correctly.  Below you can see one of the more successful attempts, but the polish didn’t pick up evenly across the surface.  Thankfully I have small nails, so I can stamp with whatever part of the design turned out the best on the stamper.


It’s nice to have a full plate image, but it’s a shame if the polish doesn’t pick up the image evenly.

Overall, I love how cute this plate is, but I have to take away a diamond because the etching could have been a little deeper to help with the consistency of how a stamper picks up the image.  However, if you’re patient with experimenting with how you scrape the polish off the plate, you’ll get a lot of enjoyment and use out of this plate.

Diamond rating: ♦♦♦♦◊ (4/5)

If you are interested in purchasing Qgirl-008 (retail price is $2.99 USD), the link for the item is shown below.  Using code RSSPX31 will get you 10% off your order, and Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping.  Happy stamping!




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