Nail Art Problem #2: When Glued Charms Fall Off

I used to adhere my googly eyes, rhinestones, and other charms onto my nails by setting them into wet polish or topcoat.  After losing so many decorations randomly throughout my day and often even in less than 24 hours from doing my nails, I decided to try buying nail art glue for my 3D creations.

I picked up Kiss Salon Secrets Nail Art Glue from CVS.  It comes in a tube that looks like it could be Krazy Glue, but when you squeeze it out, it has a gel like consistency and is easy to apply.

I have to give props to Kiss because my wiggle eyes have been hanging onto my manicure really well.  The problem is more that I really can’t stand having things protrude from my nail bed.  The eyes have been catching on towels, in my hair, while digging through my pocketbook…  you name it, and they get in the way.  Imagine my surprise when I went to unbutton my pants, and I felt an eye pop off!  I mean, I wasn’t really that surprised that it happened, but I was definitely shocked to see how many layers of polish it took with it.  You figure the eyes had a base coat, 2 coats of yellow, a coat of silver, and a top coat underneath the glue.  That’s a lot to chip off just in the eye socket area!  I just hope that my nail bed didn’t get too damaged.  But for now, I have one minion that looks like a zombie.  😛  Guess I’ll have to paint my nails again soon!

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