Black Rose Gothic Nail Art

Seems like there are so many Halloween nail art videos being shared on social media lately that I wanted to take a completely different approach to the usual kitsch.  With my schedule being so hectic lately, my stamping plates have come to the rescue again.

My weapon of choice?  BP-79 from Born Pretty Store.


BP-79 from Born Pretty Store. The roses from the top right hand corner of the plate were used for this manicure.

I wanted to have a somewhat Goth look for this one, so I opted to paint my nails red and stamp them with black polish.


Curve-aceous by Sephora by OPI is a gorgeous shimmery red.

I wanted to make the base color a little darker, but I was afraid that the stamping wouldn’t show on top, so I attempted to add some darker patches with a sponge and Define Good… by China Glaze.


A very subtle blend of the two colors is accomplished with a sponge dipped lightly in Define Good… by China Glaze.

The stamping was done with Konad Special Nail Polish in Black.


Every rose has its thorns. A dark take on a classic pattern.

And so here I am, slightly bucking the trend with this sophisticated manicure during Halloween season.  It’s totally perfect because I was told to dress in formal black with a red accent for today’s concert.  🙂  Happy polishing!

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