About Born Pretty Store Coupon Codes

10% off Born Pretty coupon code: RSSPX31

Just wanted to make a quick post regarding the Born Pretty Store coupon codes that have been floating around out there.  Even though they claim that you will get 10% off your entire purchase, some exclusions do apply, as I have found out the hard way.

The most obvious one is that the 10% off codes don’t work when an item is already listed at a discounted price.  Lately, it seems like almost everything on their website is on sale, so whenever I try to check out with a coupon code, it says that I can’t use the code.  I’ve always tried to use RSSPX31 for the 10% off, but this also happens with other codes that are posted on RetailMeNot and even the ones from Born Pretty Store’s Instagram account and their promotional emails.  They always claim that you will get 10% off your order, but you really only get 10% off for the regular priced items in your cart.  The prices are still really low, but it feels like they’re not being entirely honest by letting you think that the code will work with every order.

The only coupon codes that appear to work with sale prices are the ones that take a dollar amount off a certain priced order (such as $5 off a $50 order), and those are released by the company and have expiration dates.

Also, you can’t apply a coupon code if you’re only buying a gift card for Born Pretty Store because you’re already getting a deal on the price versus the value of the card.  So much for stacking discounts.

But the codes do work for any other regular priced merchandise on their website, regardless of whether it is jewelry, make up, or stationery.  Shipping is always free, and the prices are so low already that the 10% off really shouldn’t seem like a big deal…  but we all love when a coupon code can take a little bit more off the total price.  😉  So use RSSPX31 for 10% off your order, but keep in mind that it may or may not work depending on what you have in your cart.  If everything was already on sale, count yourself lucky that you’re getting a bargain already, and if the code takes off less than 10%, it’s because you had a mix of sale and regular priced items in your cart.

Hope you find good deals this Black Friday, and happy polishing!

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