Arabesque Nail Art

My fiancé is also a musician, and he recently sent me a link to a Ibanez JEM series guitar designed by Steve Vai.  Even though I don’t play the guitar, I really want it!

I imagined posing with my nails on the neck of the guitar and decided that some nail art was in order.


Tools of the trade: craft smart Acrylic Paint in White, Too Too Turq by Sephora by OPI, and Evolve by Divergent.

I started with a turquoise base.  I wish I had the sea foam green color of the JEM, but it’s hard to believe that I don’t own a polish that is exactly that shade.


Too Too Turq by Sephora by OPI, a part of the collection from their collaboration with Betsey Johnson.

I drew in some lines with the acrylic paint and a nail art pen (look for a review coming soon here), but a striping brush works just as well.


The beginning of the vines.

I added little flourishes off the vines to represent leaves.  Artistic license is your friend here.


This much of the design looks a little like bamboo.

To fill in the empty spaces, I added dots of varying sizes with a dotting tool.


Feel free to doodle as you please and let your creativity flow.

For a little extra shimmer, I added the Evolve top coat by Divergent.  Yes, the nail polish is affiliated with the movie of the same title.


Turquoise and white arabesque fantasy.

While I most likely will never own the guitar, I can at least enjoy the color scheme and a design that is loosely based on it.  What are you inspired by?  Let me know!

Happy polishing!

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