Springtime Tulip Manicure

Nothing says spring like seeing tulips in bloom!  I wanted to put them on my nails, so I took advantage of plate BPL-029 from Born Pretty Store to help me out.


Blooms galore! I used the pattern in the 2nd row, 2nd image from the right and the single tulip image on the bottom left corner of the plate for this manicure.

The tulips that I have seen around here are mostly red, white, and yellow, so I used those colors for my palette.


Colors clockwise from the left: Cab Fare by Sephora by OPI, American as Apple Pie by Nicole by OPI, Konad Special Nail Polish in both White and Red, and Brigitte by Julep.

To start, I painted all my nails with Brigitte except for my ring finger, which I painted with American as Apple Pie.


Looks like a Valentine’s Day manicure so far.

I used a reverse stamping technique to color in some of the tulips, so after stamping my image with Konad Special Nail Polish in Red, I colored it in with a dotting tool.


I used Cab Fare to fill in random flowers on the image.

After letting the polish set for a little bit, I stamped the image onto my nail.


Repeat the above steps for the rest of the white nails, and you will end up with this look.


To make the stems green, I dipped a striping brush into craft smart acrylic paint in Grass Green and traced over the image.


I stamped a single large tulip onto my ring finger with Konad Special Nail Polish in White.

I also smudged my pinky in the process, but I was able to fix my mistake by scraping off the discolored white polish with an orange stick and filling in the area with Brigitte.  I use Seche Vite top coat, which smooths out uneven polish quite nicely, so you can’t even tell that made a mistake when you see the finished manicure.


After coloring in the stem and applying top coat, this manicure is done!

What do you love most about spring?  Let me know in the comments!

Happy polishing!


Review of Born Pretty Store Clear Stamper and Scraper Set

I wanted one of these stampers from the moment I found out they existed.  If you’ve ever needed to place your stamping perfectly on a part of your nail, you can understand the struggle of not being able to see how to line up the design.  This crystal clear stamper solves that issue and really is a pleasure to work with.

This stamper and scraper set is from Born Pretty Store, where the merchandise is cheap and the shipping is free.  It did take over a month to arrive from Singapore, but the wait was worth it!


This set comes packaged in a plastic resealable bag and is completely unbranded.

I love that the handle and the scraper are translucent plastic to match the clear stamper.


So clean and clear! What a pair!

The handle has several grooved indentations running along the length of it to provide some grip, and the stamper head is removable.  I’m hoping that extra clear heads will be available for purchase someday so that making decals is super easy.  In any case, the head is held into the base securely and will not fall out on its own.

The head itself is squishy yet firm.  It is not as soft as a marshmallow stamper, but it is not so firm that it is not flexible.  It definitely has enough give where you can simply push the stamper straight down onto your nail bed to transfer the design.

Better than anything is how this stamper does not need any priming!


Great first impressions, no priming necessary.

The scraper is hard plastic and does what it’s supposed to do.


The scraper looks like it doesn’t work, but it does a great job.


Another perfectly transferred image.

Of course, thanks to the hollow handle and the clear stamp head, you can see perfectly through the tube to the surface you will be stamping.  This also means that any color of nail polish that you use will be fully visible.  If you’ve ever tried to use white polish on a white stamper head, you will know how important this is.


How awesome is that view from the opposite end?

It makes applying a specific part of a design very easy.


The flower lined up exactly where I wanted it to be on my nail.

Double stamping is also a breeze if you want to add a second color on top of an image, like I did in my Easter lily manicure.


Imagine the possibilities of adding multiple colors to any one of your favorite stamping plate designs!

You can also make nail decals directly on the stamper head using reverse stamping techniques.

Then you can go back and add even more color to your stamping like I did for my springtime floral mani.

I can’t stress how in love I am with this stamper and scraper set.  I’ve never had such a pleasurable experience with a stamper before.  The fact that it doesn’t need priming instantly makes it deserve a top rating in my book, but the ease with which you can place your designs accurately on your nails really takes the cake.  Anyone who enjoys stamping should own one of these!

Diamond rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ (5/5)

If you are interested in purchasing this stamper and scraper set (retail price is $4.99 USD), the link for the item is shown below.  Using code RSSPX31 will get you 10% off your order, and Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping.  Happy polishing!




Review of Tiebeauty JV203 Fish Scale Nail Vinyls

If you’re into quick and easy nail art, nail vinyls are the answer to your prayers, and the ones made by Tiebeauty are great for beginners.


Pattern JV203 from Tiebeauty.

For those who have no idea what to do with these, there are some instructions printed on the back of the packaging.


Bare bones instructions, although the assumption is that if you’re buying these, you already know how to use them.

There are 12 vinyl stickers in each package attached to a clear plastic backing, and they are beautifully holographic.  Even if you did not want to use the stickers as a stencil, you could cut them down to the same size as your fingernails, apply topcoat and enjoy the holo effect.


So many rainbows!


Each stencil is fairly large, with the small rectangular section measuring 1 x 1.25 inches while.  The actual fish scale pattern covers an area of 0.75 x 1 inches.  For those with short nails, you can probably cut the size down in half and get double the amount of stickers.


Pro tip: Cut each rectangle out and take the sticker off the backing before painting your nails to prevent accidental smudges on your polish.

When using these vinyls, be patient about letting your base polish color dry completely first before applying the stencil or else you will run the risk of ruining your manicure when you take the sticker off.

Below are photos from when I did my mermaid inspired nails.  All polishes used are listed in the original post.


Apply the vinyl to your nail in the position that you desire. You can also opt to cut the sticker to the size of your nail and apply topcoat for a quick and easy manicure.


You can choose to use a single color over the stencil or jazz things up by sponging on a gradient effect as shown here.


Try to be quick about taking off the sticker before the polish dries or else some of the polish will lift off along with the stencil. Any mistakes can be corrected by tracing the lines with an orange stick to get rid of excess polish, and empty areas of the scale pattern can be filled in with the original polish color and a dotting tool.


The stencils are pretty foolproof and easy to use and make doing a fish scale pattern a piece of cake.

If you like the pattern, you will save a ton of time by using these nail vinyls versus trying to paint the design by hand.  Nail art beginners will love the stencils for their professional results, and nail art pros will love them for the speed with which you can finish a manicure.  I definitely recommend the product!

Diamond rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ (5/5)

If you are interested in purchasing these nail art vinyls (retail price is $3.99 USD), the link for the item is shown below.  Using code RSSPX31 will get you 10% off your order, and Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping.  Happy polishing!




Funky Paisley Nails

Like the look of mandalas but don’t feel like spending all that time coloring in all the details?  Try stamping over a gradient base when all else fails!

For the pattern, I used plate BP-35 from Born Pretty Store.


BP-35 has quite a few random patterns on it, but the paisley quadrant on the lower right hand side is what I used for this manicure.

I felt like using a funky color combo for this, so I opted for black stamping over a gray and chartreuse gradient.


From left to right: Frankly, I Don’t Give A-dam by Sephora by OPI, S’more Fun by China Glaze, and Konad Special Nail Polish in Black.


I started by painting all my nails gray.


On a silicone mat (a plastic bag will also suffice), I applied a generous line of gray and chartreuse polishes side by side as shown.


Using a sponge, I layered on the polish from the mixture shown above this photo to form a gradient.


I stamped the paisley pattern so that different portions of the image were on each nail.


After adding some topcoat, the manicure is done!


Pictured near some grass on 4/20.

The whole manicure took hardly any time to do, all things considered, so having the gradient underneath the stamping is a great way to jazz things up.

Happy polishing!

Mermaid Inspired Nails

I know it’s a little early to be thinking of the beach, but I know a few people who recently went on vacation to Florida and Barbados, and I couldn’t help but be jealous.  The closest I’m getting to any sand these days is on my fingertips!

I also wanted to take advantage of these beautiful holographic vinyl stickers I got from Born Pretty Store.  They have a fish scale design, so I instantly thought of doing a mermaid themed design.


These sticker templates are pretty even on their own. They are pattern JV203 by Tiebeauty.

As for the color palette, I tried to use glittery gold to represent sand and shimmery teal green and blue for the scales.


From left to right: Glitz by Formula X, Cuckoo for this Color by OPI, Keep Me On My Mistletoes by Sephora by OPI, and Shay by Julep


I started out by painting my middle two fingers with Cuckoo for this Color and my other nails with Glitz.


To help aid with clean up of the gradient, I applied some liquid tape from Born Pretty to the skin around the teal nails.


After making sure the polish was completely dry, I applied one of the vinyl stickers to my nail.


For the gradient, I dabbed Keep Me On My Mistletoes and Shay onto a plastic bag and applied the combination onto my nail with a sponge.


Keep sponging the mixture from the bag onto the nail until a nice gradient effect is achieved.


After removing the sticker, you can see some parts are not perfect. I cleaned up excess polish by tracing the scale outline with an orange stick and filling in any gaps with the appropriate color.

I repeated the process with my ring finger.  To finish off the design, I added a few pearl studs, securing them with Kiss Nail Art Glue.


She sells sea shells by the seashore.

Hope you’re enjoying the wonderful weather we’ve been having lately!  In no time, it will be summer.  Happy polishing!

Springtime Floral Manicure

Ever have one of those days where you drop your nail polish brush and get polish on your pants and your camera and then find out that you smudged your nails in the process of trying to keep the brush from falling?  Yeah, that was me when I was trying to do this manicure.  I think I must be more burned out than I thought I was!

In any case, I love springtime because of all the beautiful flowers everywhere.  It started with seeing daffodils sprout up all over the place, but now the trees are also in full bloom.  It’s great that I have so many plates of floral patterns to match!

I decided to use plate BPL-029 from Born Pretty Store for this manicure.


Flowers upon flowers! I used the image in the top row, 3rd from the right.


Color palette for the day (left to right): Peace, Love & Green by Finger Paints, Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish #12, Cab Fare by Sephora by OPI, Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish #10, and b.m.c. nail lacquer in white.


I started out by painting my middle and ring finger nails with Cab Fare and the other three nails with Peace, Love & Green


After allowing the polish to dry, I applied gold striping tape to the tips of the green nails.

I wanted to get away with stamping the flowers on my nails without having to color in anything, but I wouldn’t have had a nice enough contrast in the design, so I had to make nail decals to color in the petals with white polish.


I used Born Pretty Stamping Polish #10 to transfer the design to a stamper.


With a small dotting tool, I colored in the flower petals with white stamping polish (used for its opacity).


After applying a layer of clear top coat over the whole design and letting it dry, you can peel the nail decal off the stamper.


After trimming down the decals to fit my nail beds, I applied another coat of clear polish over the yellow polish before placing the decals on top of my nails.

For the final step, I took advantage of my clear stamper to add green stamping polish over the stems and leaves of the pattern.


I started by stamping the entire image with Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish #12.


Using Scotch tape, I removed the flowers from the design. I had to be quick so that the polish wouldn’t stick to the stamper, so I couldn’t be more precise about preserving every detail that I wanted to be green.


The clear stamper makes it much easier to line up the design over the existing one.

I know it wasn’t a perfect transfer, but it created a bit of a 3D effect as one of my friends pointed out.  Besides, how gorgeous does that look?  The contrasting white and green polish over the orange and yellow really makes the flowers and leaves stand out.

I’m still trying to find time to finish my taxes, but I hope to have more posts up soon!  One day at a time for me for now.

Happy polishing!