Review of Born Pretty Store BP-X07 Plate

Being a musician, I was attracted to this new square plate from Born Pretty Store.  After all, music and dance go together hand in hand!


BP-X07 plate from Born Pretty Store is part of the new 6 cm square series plates from the company.

Sadly, the musician in me balked against the improperly drawn stems and flags on the note heads which should have been flipped to be on the opposite sides of the notes.  Technically this could be fixed by reverse stamping this part onto clear nail polish to invert the image, but ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!  I was super bummed that I would not be able to use that part of the plate without getting flamed by my colleagues.

Also, anyone with musical training knows that the treble clef always goes on the left side of the stave.  You can get around this technical error by only using the swirly musical banner without stamping the treble clef sign, but it’s still slightly annoying.

The dancer silhouettes on the other hand look awesome and include a variety of different styles such as ballet, flamenco, and ballroom styles.  I decided to use some in my sparkly pole dancer manicure.  More on that in a bit.

Going over the basics of the plate, it gets shipped with blue film protecting the surface, so be sure to remove this prior to use.


Fresh out of the package. Please remove the blue film before using the product.

A word of caution: Although the metal of the plate is not overly sharp, it can still do some damage, especially because the edges are straight.  I managed to cut my fingers while gripping the sides of the plate while removing the protective layer, so don’t hold it too tightly!  The corners are at least rounded to try to minimize the rest of the damage that this item can do.

The back of the plate is stamped with the name of the company and their website.


Rear view of the stamping plate.

Like all Born Pretty plates, a cardboard sleeve is included so you can store your purchase safely inside it when you aren’t using it.  The packaging is nondescript and fits all 6 cm square plates, so feel free to use it with plates from other companies if you want to.


The front and back views of the cardboard holder. You can refer to the backside for instructions on how to stamp nail art.

The etching is deep, but I did find that little details were hard to pick up.  For instance, in the image below, the poles did not transfer very well, and the outline of the leftmost girl’s bikini top and the heels of her shoes are missing.  Some of the silhouettes have arms and legs that look too stick-like whereas on the plate there are sensuous curves.


Stamping transferred the majority of the design correctly but not precisely.

Honestly, this was the first time I ever had a hard time with a Born Pretty plate, but it was easy to fix the errors with some acrylic paint.


I tidied up this manicure by repainting some of the details with a striping brush, a detail brush, and some acrylic paint.

While this plate is great at giving a basic image that you can tweak and fix, it won’t be exactly the same as what you see etched.  Had the designs not contained so many fine, tiny lines, this would have been a perfect score.  However, if you love dance, you should own this plate because no one is going to sit around nitpicking that the legs or arms don’t look right.  I’m sure you’ll be able to rock the look no matter what!

Diamond rating: ♦♦♦♦◊ (4/5)

If you are interested in purchasing this stamping plate (retail price is $3.99 USD), the link for the item is shown below.  Using code RSSPX31 will get you 10% off the regular priced items your order, and Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping.  Happy polishing!


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