Review of Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish #54 Pearl White

I haven’t reviewed a stamping polish in awhile, mostly because I’ve been sticking to some tried and tested favorites a lot lately. I’ve come to love the stamping polishes from Born Pretty Store for their pigmentation and easy transferring ability, so when I saw that they now carry shimmery shades, I wanted to try one immediately!


Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish #54

This polish is color #54 on their website and is described as pearl white, and that’s exactly what it looks like- white with a gorgeous pearly shimmer to it. The formula is a very thick one that is hard to shake up. There isn’t a mixing ball inside the bottle as far as I can tell, so you will want to add some if you have some available.


The formula is so thick that it sticks to the inside neck of the bottle.

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Eclipse Inspired Floral Nail Art

I know I’m late for the eclipse related stuff, but then again, this manicure isn’t really depicting the eclipse. NYC only had 70% coverage, so I had to settle for NASA’s video footage of totality to see how truly spectacular a solar eclipse can be. Can’t wait for the next one that’s coming here only seven years from now!

Back to the nail art first. I settled on using a creme black and pearl white color combo to channel those corona vibes.


I painted my index and pinky fingers with Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish #54 while the other fingers were painted with Dark Matter by Formula X for Sephora.

Stamping was done with Born Pretty’s BP-46 plate. I picked a floral pattern that, in abstraction, could resemble rays of light beaming out from a moon in the center. I sound like such a dreamer, eh?


The pattern at the top of the BP-46 plate from Born Pretty Store was my shortcut to getting floral nails done in a flash.

I again used Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish #54 to transfer the pattern to the nails that were painted black. For the white nails, I applied a chunky glitter top coat from Formula X for Sephora called Meteoric. This top coat contains various sizes of black and white hexagonal glitters as well as holographic flecks and makes for an interesting contrasting “space” texture.


And that’s literally all it takes to get these nails! Short and sweet, just like the eclipse itself.


Hope you got to see the magic happen as well! If not, check out some of the videos online of the big moment!

Happy polishing!

Review of Born Pretty French BP-X20 Stamping Plate

The one thing I regret about being a musician who does nail art on the side is the fact that I can’t grow my nails super long to have French tips all the time. Whenever I do manage to grow them out, I certainly take advantage of the situation, but sometimes getting that perfect smile line across all my nails can be frustrating. That’s where this ingenious little plate comes in.


The French BP-X20 plate from Born Pretty Store has an assortment of different lines you can use for French manicures or other color block nail art designs.

The plate comes with its own cardboard slipcover for protection from scratches, and as always, you must remove the protective blue film from the surface prior to using it. Do be careful while peeling off the film because the edges are still sharp enough to cut you if you grab them too hard.

18 different patterns adorn this little square. The three across the top are very similar but vary not just in width but also in the intensity of the curve. They can either be used for French tips or at the base of the nail for half moon manicures. Continue reading

Sailboat French Manicure

Seems like I’ve got beaches on the brain a lot lately! I put together a cute little sailboat manicure this week for an unconventional twist on French tips.

I didn’t want to leave my nails totally bare because they’re a little damaged right now, so I used a sheer iridescent glitter polish from Confetti called Ice Ice Baby to give my nails a bit of a twinkle. Like most iridescent things, it is hard to capture the sparkly blue green shift of the glitter under bright light and direct focus, but you can see its true color in the picture of the bottle.


Only one coat of polish was applied as a base. I wanted an ethereal look rather than strong glitter coverage.

The waves were done using a French tips plate from Born Pretty Store.


French BP-X20 plate from Born Pretty

I layered the pattern from the lower left hand corner of the plate with different shades of stamping nail polish from Born Pretty.


Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish in color #7 (royal blue) was applied across the tips of each nail.

I painted a sailboat by hand using Craft Smart Acrylic Paint and a detail brush. Painting it at this stage allows for subsequently stamped waves to overlap the hull of the boat.


Painting this boat was fairly simple, but it requires patience.

After the boat was done, I stamped the same French tip pattern from before with Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polishes in #284 (light blue) and #4 (white), staggering the tips of the waves so that the base color was covered. I repeated the stamping process with the same three colors until the tip was filled in completely.


Seche Vite top coat was applied on top to complete the look.


This was a cute design to put together, and I think it was a fairly creative use of the French tips plate. The layered look would work well with many different color combinations, so I’ll probably use this technique again at some point!

Happy polishing!

Elegant Wedding French Manicure Nail Art

Today I wanted to bring some pretty and easy nail art to the table. Weddings were my inspiration for the week, so I brought together glitter and pearls to come up with this look.

For my base color, I chose Perky Pink from Sally Hansen. It’s a beautiful pink jelly that has iridescent glitter suspended in the color.


I wanted some noticeable glitter coverage, so I used 3 coats of Perky Pink to achieve this look.

For the French tips, you can either paint them by hand or use a stamping template to help you out. I recently acquired the French BP-X20 plate from Born Pretty Store, so I used the pattern from the upper right hand corner to easily stamp some pearl polish onto my nails.


French BP-X20 plate from Born Pretty Store.

The pearl white stamping polish (Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish in color #54) provided even coverage over the pink base, and thanks to the stamping plate, my smile lines were nice and even.


To add a little something extra, I applied a simple flower design to my ring finger using Harunouta plate L025 and some black stamping polish from Ya Qin An.


The pattern for my accent nail comes from the 2nd row of the left side of the plate.

I isolated one group of lines and flowers from the design and stamped it at a slight angle on my nail.


This look can easily be recreated with a thin striping brush and a dotting tool.

To finish off the manicure, I applied Seche Vite top coat and immediately placed two small silver microbeads from the Recollections Signature brand to the centers of the flowers before the polish set.


I’m in love with these nails and think they look super pretty and feminine without being over the top. Wear them for a special occasion or everyday. Life is too short to save good things for later!

Happy polishing!

Review of Born Pretty Store BP-L068 Stamping Plate

Today’s review is going to cover item BP-L068, the fabulous nautical themed stamping plate that I used for my last two manicures. You can purchase this from Born Pretty Store from the link listed at the end of this post, so keep reading to find out more!

When the plate arrives, it comes shipped inside a pretty floral cardboard sleeve. It’s unfortunate that the picture on the package doesn’t match the image from the plate, but it serves its purpose of protecting the plate from scratches once the blue film from the top of the plate is removed.


The plate, freshly removed from the sleeve, has a layer of thin blue plastic wrap covering the metal portion. This must be removed prior to use, preferably before you start to paint your nails.

As is the case with all the Born Pretty rectangular plates, BP-L068 features rounded corners for safer handling, and the metal part is mounted on a thin plastic slab to prevent you from getting cut from grasping the edges too hard. You wouldn’t want to have to get a tetanus shot just to do your nails, after all!


The beauty of this plate is fully revealed once the plastic film is removed.

What I love about this plate is the large assortment of images that fit the marine theme. You get everything from ropes and anchors to the ships themselves and the crew members aboard and the creatures in the sea! Plus the layout on the right side of the plate is extremely cute because different patterns are arranged to make up the larger image of a boat. It makes for a pleasing overall look.

While the designs are all well etched into the metal and transfer well, the aforementioned right side of the plate has rectangular images that are just a tad bit too small to comfortably fit on adult nails without distorting the patterns. I tried to make ocean waves with one of the patterns, and the only nail that it fit completely was on my pinky. For the other nails, I was forced to try to stretch my stamper head in an attempt to cover the entire surface with the same pattern, but this distorted the image. Also, despite my attempts, you can still see where the design changes at the tips and sometimes also base of my nails.


Too bad the rectangular images from the lower right side of the plate aren’t a little bigger.

To give you a better sense of how much surface the rectangle covers, this is what the same design looks like stamped on my thumb nail without trying to stretch the stamper head.


You can clearly see that if you are trying to isolate one rectangular design, it is nearly impossible to make this happen on top of a larger nail. This is also one of the largest rectangular images on the plate so it only gets worse from here.

I do admit, the image is not unpleasing to look at despite the lack of continuity of the same pattern, but this will not do if you have any sort of OCD. It’s even hard to try to make a larger decal out of the same image because the entire rectangular portion is connected by lines that make it hard to remove excess portions of the design with tape. If there was empty space between the rectangular images, it would have been more easy to isolate and double stamp the same image again on the areas of the nail that were not covered.

I managed to hide the distortions of the wave stamping above by adding some double stamping of single images to create the ocean voyage manicure shown below. For details on how to get the outlined look, please refer to the tutorial link here.

The freestanding images all transfer beautifully, as you can see. They are all well proportioned to my nail size, and even the tiny details of the rope on my ring and pinky fingers come through.

I did try my luck with using the compass rose image from the rectangular section in the manicure below and managed to find an angle that fit on my ring finger, but if you look closely at the upper right and lower left corner of that nail, you can see a little bit of the bordering images.


Globe trotter nails. For information on the other plate used here, please see the original tutorial.

As much as I love the images on this plate, I have to take one diamond away from the rating because the rectangular sections just aren’t big enough to cover almost any nail fully unless you are ok with having bits of the surrounding images on your nail as well. You can still create tons of different manicures using the other singular designs here without having to worry about whether or not they will fit, making this a great plate for summer beach and boat outings.

Diamond rating: ♦♦♦♦◊ (4/5)

If you are interested in purchasing this stamping plate (retail price is $5.99 USD), the link for the item is shown below. Using code RSSPX31 will get you 10% off the regular priced items your order, and Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping. Happy polishing!


Ocean Voyage Nautical Nails

Still envious of everyone’s stunning vacation photos? Here’s a cruise ship inspired manicure you can try if you have the right tools!

I started out by painting all my nails a medium blue color.


Sky High-Top from China Glaze serves as a lovely sky or ocean color.

My secret weapon for this manicure was the BP-L068 plate from Born Pretty. With it, you can create a whole ocean themed story on your nails!


BP-L068 plate from Born Pretty Store.

I first used the wave design from the lower right quadrant of the plate along with Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish in color #7, which is a royal blue color.


Because the wave image was a little on the small side, I had issues trying to fit the image on my nails without stamping parts of the neighboring designs as well. I tried to stretch my clear stamper to get the image to cover my nail completely, but this only distorted the final result. Not to worry- I planned to stamp some more designs from the plate on top of this anyway to cover up the awkward spots!

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Review of Born Pretty Chrome Powder, Item #40143 in Color 3

In my last manicure, you got to see a pretty chrome powder from Born Pretty Store at work, so I wanted to give you guys a more in depth look at this interesting product.

When you order this product from Born Pretty, it comes as a set of the jar of powder along with a small sponge tipped applicator. The packaging consists of a small plastic baggie branded with the company name. It can be resealed for storage purposes.


The jar’s opening is also sealed to prevent the powder from leaking out during shipment. It removes fairly easily, but you will definitely want to unseal the container prior to painting your nails.


Inside, you will find one gram of a super fine chrome powder that defies expectation in the sense that it is a pearly white color. The website lists this color as #3 and it is depicted as a royal blue shade. The color of the powder can be misleading, especially if you own several of these pigments, as the container itself does not list a name or have a swatch of the color, so it will be up to you to label the item accordingly. The baggie does have the item number from the website printed on a sticker on the back, but this is only useful if you are meticulous about always putting your containers back inside their respective bags after working with the products.


This powder looks very iridescent and will appear as such if applied over a white base color, but the true beauty of the product is shown when it is applied over a black base color. Keep reading to see its true color.

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Globe Trotter Travel Nails

I have some serious travel envy after seeing people’s vacation pictures online! Meanwhile I’m stuck in NYC painting my nails. So what’s a girl to do? Make some appropriate nail art!

I started out by painting all my nails black because I planned to use a chrome nail powder on top of this to create that gorgeous blue background you see in the featured image.


Seems like I’ve been using What’s A Tire Jack? from Sephora by OPI a whole lot lately!

After letting the polish dry, I applied a layer of Born Pretty Soak Off Gel Top Coat to my nails and cured it under a lamp for 30 seconds. The chrome powder was applied with a sponge applicator onto the top coat layer, and I sealed in the powder with another layer of gel top coat and followed up by curing this layer for about a minute.


Born Pretty chrome powder in color 3 has a royal blue tint with purple undertones when it is applied over black polish even though it looks like an iridescent white in the container.

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Chrome Flake Glitter Nails and Review of Born Pretty Nail Lacquer in A003 Dream Castle

Looking for some easy nail art you can whip up in a snap? Today’s manicure features a gorgeous glitter top coat from Born Pretty Store that makes having glam nails a piece of cake! This shade is A003 Dream Castle, part of the Brocade Series collection from Born Pretty which consists of chrome flake glitter suspended in a clear base.


Born Pretty Nail Lacquer in A003 Dream Castle.

The glitters are somewhat translucent, super thin, and irregularly shaped as the flake name suggests. Dream Castle is a pretty bluish-purple shade that has some multichrome color shifting abilities. In different lights, the glitters can appear to look teal green and reddish-purple in addition to the suspected blue and purple shift.

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