Ocean Voyage Nautical Nails

Still envious of everyone’s stunning vacation photos? Here’s a cruise ship inspired manicure you can try if you have the right tools!

I started out by painting all my nails a medium blue color.


Sky High-Top from China Glaze serves as a lovely sky or ocean color.

My secret weapon for this manicure was the BP-L068 plate from Born Pretty. With it, you can create a whole ocean themed story on your nails!


BP-L068 plate from Born Pretty Store.

I first used the wave design from the lower right quadrant of the plate along with Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish in color #7, which is a royal blue color.


Because the wave image was a little on the small side, I had issues trying to fit the image on my nails without stamping parts of the neighboring designs as well. I tried to stretch my clear stamper to get the image to cover my nail completely, but this only distorted the final result. Not to worry- I planned to stamp some more designs from the plate on top of this anyway to cover up the awkward spots!

To finish off the look, I used a double stamping process to create the outlined appearance of the images below. I chose the buoy (bottom row, 2nd image from the left), a ship (bottom row, 4th image from the left), and the dock scene with dolphins jumping in the distance (bottom row, 6th image from the left) to make up this panorama. Each image was first stamped with Ya Qin An stamping nail polish in Silver and then overlaid with a slight staggering of the same design with Ya Qin An stamping nail polish in Black. A clear stamper was used to make sure everything lined up properly, and Ya Qin An top coat sealed everything in with a nice gloss that didn’t make any of the nail art streak.


The finished ocean voyage scene.

Hope you enjoy the last few weeks of August! Happy polishing!

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