Skeleton and Bones Manicure

Hi, everyone! I know I’ve been missing in action as of late, but I’ll have posts to make up for it coming soon. My bathroom was being renovated, so I couldn’t access my nail art supplies (GASP!) for awhile. Now that is a horror story! You would think that the time off from nail art would allow my nails to become healthier, but they stayed dry and brittle to the point where eventually 3 of them broke the day before I planned to paint them. In desperation, I applied a full set of acrylic sculpted nails, which seems to be working out rather well for me this time around! I have to say that I’ve grown to love the extra strength and instant length that I can get from acrylics, and while I probably should have taken photos of me trying to apply them, the fact remained that this was my first full set with very minimal experience prior to this. My tips are way too thick, and I’ve also been sleep deprived, so my attempt at a French manicure came out looking less than stellar but not altogether horrible. If my nails look a little funky for the next few posts, you’ll know why!

Onto the tutorial!

Because it’s almost Halloween, I went with a skeleton black and white theme. The first step was to paint all my nails with Black Diamond from Sally Hansen, but any black polish will do.


Black Diamond from Sally Hansen is a sparkly dark graphite color.

Because my schedule has been booked up like crazy lately, I resorted to stamping for this design. I used plates from Born Pretty Store to help get this manicure done in a hurry.


The majority of my nails were stamped with the bones from the 2nd row, 2nd design from the right of plate BPX-L007.


The skeletons from the 2nd row, 2nd image from the right of plate BP-L057 were stamped onto my ring finger as an accent nail.

White stamping polish from Ya Qin An was used for it’s great opacity over dark colors. I rotated the bones from the Celebration BPX-L007 plate to make the design look more hand painted and randomly placed, and I let the little skeleton guy be the focus of the pattern on my ring finger.


Overall, it’s a totally cute design that works great for Halloween! Hope you stay safe out there tomorrow night!

Happy polishing!

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