Fun Halloween Themed Nails

Happy November! This post is coming a little late because I’ve been swamped with trying to get a lot of pictures edited and ready for the blog (not to mention work!), but I think you guys will still enjoy seeing my journey for this manicure!

I did my nails the night before Halloween, and while I didn’t have any spectacular plans to go out, I did want to be festive. I went with a various selection of stamped images on top of a dark background.

To start, I prepared my nails with Born Pretty Liquid Peel Off Tape and then painted my nails with Legend from Formula X for Sephora.


I kind of wish I hadn’t painted the peel off tape first because this shade is gorgeous and deserved its own swatch photo!

Next I took a small piece of a makeup sponge and applied Jetsetter from Formula X and blended it with Legend to create a vampy gradient.


Because each shade has shimmery particles in it, the textures blend extra well together.

For the stamping, I used plates from Blink that were obtained from Beauty Big Bang. The B115 and B116 plates contained more than enough images to spark my imagination for this design.


From the B115 plate, I used the top right quadrant of images.


The bats and the cat from from the 11 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions respectively made up the rest of the manicure.

Reverse stamping was used for all the images except for the ghost and the spiderweb. I stamped the ghost image 3 times onto my middle finger and the spiderweb went onto my ring finger. Both images were stamped with Ya Qin An stamping polish in White.

The other images were stamped first with Ya Qin An stamping polish in Black, then were colored in with a small brush. Because I knew that black polish would not stand out against my dark gradient, I chose to outline a few of them with Ambitious, a gold color, from Formula X. This can also be done by double stamping the images, but I found that it was easier to take the detail brush and carefully trace around the black outlines rather than fuss with trying to line the images up.


Additional colors used here are Caliente Coral from Sephora by OPI (orange), Hot Fun in the Summer-Lime by OPI (green), and Ambitious (gold) from Formula X.

The resulting transfers look detailed and scary cute!


I also chose to apply two small dots of Hot Fun in the Summer-Lime for the cat’s eyes just to give that nail a little more color. Feel free to mix and match the different images!

Hope you guys had a Happy Halloween! Happy polishing!

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