Blowing Bubbles Nail Art

It’s getting close to the beginning of a new year, so I wanted to try to make a whimsical looking manicure. I don’t know about you, but 2017 was a doozy and not particularly one of the better ones! Here’s to blowing away the bad stuff and wishing for something wonderful for 2018!

I tried to pick a pretty light blue base to act as my sky backdrop. This color is called Siren Melodies from Femme Fatale, an indie brand, and my pictures don’t do it justice. Aside from the beautiful crelly mix that allows the holographic glitter particles to show through, this periwinkle shade also is iridescent and has a pinky-purple sheen at different angles that gives this color a lot of dimension.




I made a silhouette of someone blowing through a bubble wand with a combination of stamping and freehand work.

Plate BP-69 from Born Pretty Store has a silhouette of someone actually blowing bubbles, but because I knew I was going to be using round glitter for the bubbles in this manicure, I decided to go with the larger design from the upper left hand corner of the plate so I could spread it across two nails and doctored it up a little.


I stamped the image with a clear stamper and Ya Qin An Stamping Polish in Black. The head was used as is, but after I stamped the hand, I used a piece of tape to take away the dandelion from the image. I then used a fine detail brush with craft smart acrylic paint in black to draw in the bubble wand and enhance the eyelash part of the silhouette. I also cleaned up some gaps in the stamped image that didn’t transfer fully and then painted over the larger sections with black polish again to smooth out the surface as acrylic paint tends to look a little textured even after top coat is applied.


For the glitter placement, I used round glitter from Beauty Big Bang in color J2837-12A. The assorted sizes and iridescent sheen to this otherwise clear glitter gave my bubbles the perfect look.


To apply the glitter, I painted a thin layer of Born Pretty Soak Off Gel Top Coat and then positioned each piece of glitter individually. The gel allows you to move the pieces around as much as you like without marring the surface of the nail polish underneath it, provided that the base is completely dry. I cured this for 30 seconds after I was pleased with my design and then applied another layer of top coat over the glitter to seal it into place and cured it again for another 30 seconds.

The final look is kind of sweet and fanciful.



I also find it appropriate that I began 2017 with some bubble nail art, and I’m ending the year with a different take on the same theme!

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the year and have an even better 2018 up ahead! Happy polishing!

2 thoughts on “Blowing Bubbles Nail Art

  1. avesureuropa says:

    Love it 😍! It looks awesome

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