Happy New Year! 2018 Nail Art

Happy New Year, everyone!

Today called for something festive and happy. I like to keep it a little classy as well, so I instantly thought to have a dark base color with some sort of glitter on top. After digging through my polishes, I selected a few choice bottles to produce this manicure.

I started by painting two coats of black polish on all my nails.


This mini bottle of fun is the color Slayer from KVD vs Formula X, part of Formula X’s collaboration with Kat von D.

My selection for the glitter element was this stunning topper from Pretty & Polished called I Busted My Glass. It looks like confetti but with a holographic twist. It twinkles in the light, and it’s extra beautiful on this black base. I would have been plenty satisfied to call it a day here for the easiest nail art ever!


I Busted My Glass from Pretty & Polished.

The rest of the nail art was a combination of stamping and freehand work. I used the HNY banner from the top of plate BM-S212 from Bundle Monster to create a half moon detail around the cuticle area of my middle and ring fingers using silver polish (Need for Speed from Formula X for Sephora).


Plate BM-S212 from Bundle Monster covers everything you need for a New Year’s Eve/Day manicure.

I could have easily stamped the champagne glasses, but I chose to paint them by hand with a fine detail brush and the same silver polish from before. I filled the glasses with a gold holographic glitter polish from Julep called Lonnelle and also painted 2018 on my index and pinky fingers by hand. A layer of Seche Vite top coat finished off the manicure.


It wasn’t the most labor intensive hand painted work that I’ve done, but I always get a little stressed whenever I have to write numbers or words out because it can be hard to picture the spacing and alignment correctly. Using nail polish to paint is also more difficult than using acrylic paint, but it’s not so terrible to use if you paint quickly.

Here’s to another year of inspiration and beauty! Happy polishing!

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