Glow in the Dark Outer Space Nails

Today’s nails were inspired by some glow in the dark powders that I received from Born Pretty Store. Please look for my review on them in the next few days! But what I associate glow in the dark stuff with the most is those stickers you can buy of stars and planets that you can use to decorate your ceiling, so I wanted to make the nail art equivalent of that.


These glow in the dark powders are mostly white in color and give no hint as to what they will look like once the lights go off!

I used white gel polish base here to give the glow more pop, although to be honest, I’m not sure how much the base color affects the luminosity of the powder. However, because the powders are mostly whitish shades, I figured it would be the best color to apply.


This polish is called button down from b.m.c. nail lacquer, and it’s fully opaque in 2 coats. Each layer takes 60 seconds to cure.

After fully curing each coat of white gel polish, I applied a layer of Born Pretty Soak Off Gel Top Coat and cured it for about 10 seconds to ensure that it was still sticky enough for the powder to adhere to. I then used a small brush to loosely apply the bluish colored powders (numbers 1, 2, 3, and 6 from the swatch photo) to my nails, applying each color in patches to form a type of gradient. After dusting away the excess powder with a fan brush, I finished curing the top coat and powder layer and then applied another layer of top coat over everything to seal in the powder and fully cured that.


What the color combination of powders looked like was a surprise to me, too! They do aptly resemble the atmosphere here.

To save time, I used a stamping plate from Bundle Monster to create the rest of my galaxy.


The Time Machine BM-XL134 plate from Bundle Monster has lots of futuristic images that cater to a sci-fi aficionado.

I concentrated on using different parts of the galaxy image from the bottom left side of the plate for this design. The stamping was done with Ya Qin An Stamping Nail Polish in Black. After applying a layer of Ya Qin An anti smearing top coat, I used a small brush with colors 4 and 5 from the powder swatch to fill in details like the moon and stars while it was still wet and then applied another layer of top coat to seal that in.


I’m still amazed at how basic these nails look until you turn off the lights!


The glow effect doesn’t last forever, but you’ll have at least a few minutes of fun in the dark with these nails!

Hope you enjoyed this manicure! Happy polishing!

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