Glittery Pressed Flower Nail Art

Today’s manicure features dried flowers, something I’ve never worked with but always wanted to try. I used an assortment from Born Pretty Store that contained a few different types of flowers, so let’s get started!


Just a few of the pretty blooms in this set from Born Pretty Store. If you have allergies, you might want to stay away because they’re real and full of pollen!

For this design, I focused on using the bright yellow flower on top along with black nail polish. Before painting my nails, I had to prep my flower pieces. I carefully plucked out individual petals and trimmed the ends and did the same with portions of the leaves underneath. I also cut away small fragments of the center part to leave myself options for creating the design.


The individual petals look like feathers.

I painted black polish (Dark Matter from Formula X for Sephora) on top of all my nails. While the polish was still wet, I applied one flower element at a time starting with the petals, adding clear top coat whenever necessary to get the pieces to stick to my nail. It’s a little time consuming to get the placement right, but the effect is striking.


Looks rather chic against glossy black polish.

Solid black seemed too plain for me this time around, so I took the time to paint a glittery gold top coat (Rich Gold from Sephora+Pantone Universe) on top of the polish, leaving the flower alone.



Holographic glitter pieces in Rich Gold from Sephora+Pantone Universe really make this manicure pop.

Which do nails do you prefer, the ones with or without glitter? Let me know in the comments!

Happy polishing!

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