Dried Flower and Damask Print Nails

I’m bringing you some more flower nail art to brighten your day today!

Again, I’m featuring some dried flowers from Born Pretty Store. Stay tuned for a review on these flowers coming soon to the blog!


This time I used the little lavender blooms from the far left. Some prep work is needed before starting to paint.

I gently pulled the petals from the husks and trimmed down the brown parts with a small pair of scissors before setting the blooms aside. Be very careful that the area is not drafty because the petals can blow away very easily!


Dried flowers can be messy, so work over a piece of paper for easy clean up.

For the nails, I started by painted everything with a shimmery lavender polish called The Color to Watch from OPI.


This polish is a little sheer, so it takes 3 coats to get the look in the photo.

I wanted to add some stamping to my nails, so I picked some pretty prints from the L026 plate from Harunouta to do the job.


I chose to stamp with the 2 square designs in the top and middle rows, 2nd column from the right.

I alternated my chosen patterns on each nail, turning the stamper 45 degrees for a diagonal placement to change the look. That pretty lavender lacquer is Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish #271.


A very subtle and classy damask print design will complement the flower petals that are added next.

After experimenting with placing some of the petals on my nails, I decided that there wasn’t enough contrast in my color palette to really highlight the flowers, so I went with the opposite end of the color spectrum and changed the polish on my ring finger to a light green to make an accent nail instead.


I used Adrianna from Julep as the base color for the nail with the flower petals.

As for the petals themselves, they proved to be more transparent and difficult to use than I thought. Because these flowers were not pressed, I decided to soak the petals in some rubbing alcohol first to make them pliable enough to lay flat, and then I made a decal on a silicone mat so I could manipulate the blooms better. To do this, I applied some HK Girl Top Coat from Glisten & Glow to the mat, applied the soaked petals to form the design that I wanted to make, then applied more top coat over this to help smooth out the surface.


After allowing the decal to dry, I gently peeled it off from the mat and applied it over my accent nail. I used scissors to trim away the excess and pressed it onto my nail firmly. I added some small dots to the center of my flower decal with a small brush and craft smart acrylic paints in white and yellow, then applied another layer of top coat over everything.


The resulting mani is a breath of fresh air during these cold winter months!

Hope you liked this delicate look! Happy polishing!

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