Review of Born Pretty Dried Flowers

After seeing so many people use dried flowers in their manicures lately, I felt the need to try out the trend. When I was offered the opportunity to get this set of dried flowers from Born Pretty Store, I was eager to put them to use!

The flowers are packaged inside a cute heart shaped plastic container which is surrounded by plastic wrap to keep the package from opening during shipment. The item label is affixed to one side while the color variation is marked on a small loose slip of paper on the other side.


Top view of the container.

These flowers come in four color variations of the same type of flowers. I chose the “B” assortment from the company’s website.


Bottom view of the container. The writing is on a loose piece of paper, not a sticker, so you will want to label the box yourself if you want to keep a record of color set inside.

The lid conveniently snaps open and shut and is attached to the bottom storage compartment, so it is very easy to use!


Have I mentioned how cute the container is?

Inside the box is a nice assortment of dried flowers. Some are pressed flat while others are not, but the contents pretty much match the pictures that are shown on the website.


All of the contents of the box are shown in this picture. There are quite a lot of flowers inside, and they are all super pretty!

I have to mention that because these are real flowers, there is real pollen inside the container, and I sneezed when I was taking the flowers out to photograph them! I have a sensitivity to dust and should have known to wear a face mask while handling this product, but I chose not to. Odds are that you will be fine, but do use caution if you have allergies and want to work with these blooms.

My initial impressions were that the flowers were very colorful and beautiful, but they were a lot bigger than I had imagined they would be! The nail art that I had seen that used real flowers involved using the tiniest blossoms imaginable so that you could use the entire flower on the nail. That is near impossible to do with these flowers with the smallest sized one still able to cover a full nail! Even to use just one petal of other ones (like the pink and white blossoms) would most likely require you to cut down the size further in order to make it fit. One has to be a little ingenious to make these flowers work for nail art, although I could see them looking stunning laminated between plastic sheets for bookmarks and cards!

Prep work is essential for using these flowers on your nails. The best methods of application for the petals require wet nail polish or acrylic powder and monomer solution, both of which set pretty quickly.

Breaking down the pieces can be time consuming. A pair of tweezers and a small pair of scissors will be handy to keep around for the dissection process.


Breakdown of the big yellow bloom results in petals that look like feathers.

These petals were very flat and easy to apply to the nail using layers of clear top coat to get the pieces to stick. Other elements like the leaves and center of the flower were more bulky to use and did not always want to conform to the curvature of my nail bed.


Up close, there is a lot of texture on top of my nail that can’t be evened out with more top coat. Encapsulation with acrylic powder would be the preferred method here unless you like the 3D effect.

The petals result in a classy look from farther away and make for an interesting accent nail. You can’t tell how bumpy the surface is from this angle!


The flower pieces add an elegant touch to this manicure.

I also took a shot at using the lavender flowers which were not pressed flat. These were the smallest flowers in the set, yet they were still big enough to take up the length of any of my fingernails! I had to trim them down to create a look with them.


Dried flowers can be broken down into dust easily, so be extra careful when handling them, and work over a piece of paper to be able to clean up faster.

I chose to soak these petals in rubbing alcohol to get them to be more pliable before working with them. This allows the pieces to become flat with minimum effort yet keeps them sterilized.


It was easy to make a decal with these petals after wetting them in a small container of rubbing alcohol.

I wouldn’t call this the easiest nail art to do as it does require a lot of time to get everything to look just right, but making a decal on a silicone mat definitely helps with the placement.


The flower adds a special touch to this damask print manicure.

To be honest, I would have loved to use these flowers for craft projects more than I loved using them for nail art. They are really beautiful, but they’re hard to work with on a small scale because it isn’t simply a matter of placing a whole object on your nail. You have to have the time and patience to cut down the pieces individually and be able to place them quickly. Had the sizes of the flowers been smaller, I’m sure I would have loved to use them more. It is cool to be able to have mixed media nails though, and the price is so low that they’re worth having around, even if they end up serving only as a prop for photos.

Diamond rating: ♦♦♦♦◊ (4/5)

If you are interested in purchasing this dried flower set (retail price is $2.79 USD), the link for the item is shown below. Using code RSSPX31 will get you 10% off the regular priced items your order, and Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping. Happy polishing!


2 thoughts on “Review of Born Pretty Dried Flowers

  1. Ele says:

    I agree with you: they look nice, but probably not the best for nail art 😐 Anyway, the idea of making a decal on the silicone mat is great! 👍😍

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