Mardi Gras Nails

This week is full of holidays, so here is some Mardi Gras nail art to get the good times rolling!

I planned to do a rather intricate design, so I didn’t go for a solid shade across all my nails. I decided to use a golden shimmery yellow (Nadia from Julep) alongside a glossy black (Johnny from Julep) for my base colors.


I first did a preliminary sketch of my mask with pencil and paper to give me the confidence to paint it across two of my nails. The sketch looked way better, but I also was painting this design late at night and was getting increasingly more worried that I wasn’t going to get enough sleep because I knew this wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought!

In any case, I used craft smart acrylic paint in black to paint the mask, then used a striping brush with gold holographic polish (Heart of Gold from Born Pretty) to paint diagonal lines across the mask to form a diamond harlequin style pattern.


The finishing touches were to fill in the diamonds with holographic gold, purple, and green polishes (Heart of Gold from Born Pretty, The Most Happy from a-england, and No Rest for the Wicked from Superchic Lacquer respectively), add different sized polka dots around the mask with the same colors and a dotting tool, and apply microbeads (Recollections Signature brand in Champagne, Fairy Dust, and Emerald) to the nails with the black polish. To set the microbeads, I applied a thick layer of HK Girl top coat from Glisten & Glow, then gently lay some of the beads on top and manipulated them with an orange stick to form a connected squiggle. I tried to push the microbeads into the polish with my fingers to get them to stay in place better as well.


For the photos, I did not apply another layer of top coat over the microbeads as they don’t look as textured when it is applied, but I did add top coat after the photos were taken in order to seal in the beads. The downside is that the top coat formula lifts some of the pigment from the beads, but this is the price you must pay if you want your nail art to last! I suppose gel top coat would be a good option for this as well, but I know I’m going to be changing my nails again soon enough!

Hope you enjoyed this fun manicure! Laissez le bon temps roulez! Happy polishing!

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