Bee Mine Valentine’s Day Nails

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m bringing you some punny nail art today that not only features a classic Valentine phrase but also pays homage to my dear honey whom I nicknamed my “Bumblus” bee. I think he definitely deserves a shout out on my nails!

I chose a classic pale pink as my base color. This one is called Luella from Julep, and it’s a nice opaque creme.


Luella was Julep’s Color of the Year for 2016.

Bees go together with flowers, so I chose to add some light roses using the BM-H16 plate from Bundle Monster.


This manicure uses the pattern on the far right.

I went with a pink holographic stamping polish from Born Pretty (color #2 on their website) for the roses. The shade is only a little bit darker than the one already on my nails, so there isn’t a lot of contrast between the colors. The holographic shimmer helps make this polish stand out, but I really wanted something subtle for this design.


You could easily stop at this point for an easy Valentine’s Day manicure, but why stop there? Here comes the fun part!

The BM-S222 plate from Bundle Monster had the perfect bee design for this manicure.


The bee is where it’s at! I used the design in the 4th row, 2nd image from the right.

Reverse stamping helps to make this little guy stand out against the flowers. I stamped the basic image with black Ya Qin An stamping polish, then applied a coat of Ya Qin An top coat to protect the design from streaking and allowed that to dry before coloring in the details.


The yellow polish is Banana split from Sephora’s 5 day shine nail lacquer series. The white polish has a little bit of pink shimmer in it and is called Keena from Julep.

The decal was stamped directly onto my nail, and then I applied another layer of Ya Qin An top coat to seal it into place.


I’m in love with this look just as much as I love my Bumblus!

Hope your day was just as sweet! Happy polishing!

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