Butterfly Early Spring Thermal Manicure

I don’t know what it’s like in your area, but NYC has been having some serious mood swings when it comes to the weather! We had snow one day and then gorgeous sunny weather in the 70s followed by rain and 40 degree temperatures.

All this inspired me to use some thermal nail polish to create some early spring nail art. I really didn’t have a clear picture of what I wanted to do once I applied the thermal polish, but I love how it ended up turning out!

I started by painting my nails with Through the Grapevine from Lacquer Lust. This gorgeous shade is a thermal crelly with holographic sparkles in it. When cold, it is a dark purple, but it lightens up to a pale lavender color when it’s hot. In any case, I also thought this was a lovely way to also shout out February’s birthstone, amethyst.


In a moderate climate, this polish looks like the color of a grape candy chew. A slight color gradation is normal as my body heat naturally lightens the polish with the tips being darker.

I figured that flowers and butterflies would look the best with this color palette, so I chose a plate from Harunouta that was perfect for this purpose.


The Harunouta L007 plate has assorted butterfly and flower designs on it that are artfully arranged to look like a giant butterfly hovering over a field.

I decided to stamp individual flowers and butterflies along with some of the grassy texture so that the beauty of the thermal polish could show through. I first did the design using Ya Qin An Stamping Polish in Silver because it brings out the silver undertones of the glitter in the polish. I then used Ya Qin An Stamping Polish in Black to stamp over the same designs, leaving a hint of the silver image alongside it.


Having the silver outline makes the stamping look more magical.

I almost never show my thumb in my photos, but I thought it deserved its own picture this time.


I love how gorgeous this scene turned out.

With the temperature rising with all the lights on for the photos, you can see how pale the polish can get in comparison to the original swatch!


I was pleasantly surprised with how nice this little scene played out on my nails, and the thermal polish really adds a nice extra touch, making it look like it’s daytime or nighttime depending on the temperature! I can’t wait for it to really be spring, though!

Happy polishing!

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