Unicorn Nail Art

Happy March, everyone! I’ve been meaning to do some unicorn nail art for awhile just for fun, so let’s get on with this magical manicure!

My base color was an indigo wonder from Beauty Bigbang, 009 in their Holo Polish series.


Beauty Bigbang Holo Polish 009 is full of magical rainbows that are perfect for a unicorn theme!

I’ve been feeling lazy about doing freehand stuff lately, so I opted to use plate L045 from Harunouta to assist me with this manicure.


I chose to use the unicorn from the top row, 2nd image from the left, and the shooting star 2 images to the right of that for this manicure.

I stamped my chosen designs on two separate stampers with Ya Qin An Stamping Nail Polish in Silver. I colored in the unicorn with Ya Qin An Stamping Nail Polish in White for its opacity while the horn got a dose of sparkle with Born Pretty Holo Polish in Heart of Gold. The star’s rainbow streaks were colored in with Rosebuddy from Superchic Lacquer and Silver Holo from UO Nail Lacquer. While the decals dried, I affixed a few rhinestones purchased from AliExpress with nail glue from Born Pretty Store onto my index and pinky fingers to create a nice frame for my scene. Finally, the decals were stamped directly onto my middle and ring fingers.


The rhinestones are tinted with an iridescent coat that shifts into pink, yellow, green, and purple shades in the light.

I wasn’t too happy with how the star turned out, so I ended up using a detail brush and craft smart acrylic paint in black to outline the image. In retrospect, I wish I had used a dark gray so it wasn’t so bold looking, but it actually looks really good when viewed from farther away. If I had more patience, I would have outlined the unicorn the same way, but a girl needs her sleep!


Overall it’s a super cute look, and who can resist that adorable sleepy unicorn?

Hope you have a great month! Happy polishing!

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