Holographic Snowflake Nails

We just had a crazy snowstorm in NYC thanks to a second Nor’easter that came through the area. While the snowfall in the city wasn’t too bad, the driving conditions were absolutely miserable! I got caught in the middle of it in Long Island at a time when the snowfall was at its heaviest, and I can honestly say that I’ve never been so scared to drive in my life. The heavy snowfall and unplowed roads caused my anxiety level to skyrocket, especially after seeing other drivers lose control of their cars.

In any case, you’re here to see nail art, and snow can be really pretty and inspiring in other situations, so here’s a classy look to reflect that.

I started by painting my nails black with Johnny from Julep.


2 coats of black polish serve as a base for this manicure.

The snowflakes are from a nail foil design from Born Pretty Store, item 22930 on their website. It’s so pretty that I would wallpaper my apartment with it if I could! Use code RSSPX31 to save 10% off the regular priced items in your order there, and get free shipping as well!


The snowflakes are holographic, and even the black background has a hint of sparkle to it.

In order to affix the foil to your nails, you need nail foil glue. Ordinary school glue will not work for this because the foils will only transfer to a sticky surface. I got this one from Beauty Big Bang, and it works really well! You paint it on your nails and allow it to dry until it is clear before rubbing the foil over the surface. Use code CHRISS to save 10% on your order there, and get free shipping!


When you first apply the glue, it looks like an opaque white goo, but it dries clear and leaves a sticky surface that nail foils love.

I cut off a piece of foil and applied it to the surface of each nail one by one. I rubbed the foil with an orange stick to make sure that it would transfer before quickly lifting the piece up from my nail, leaving the design behind.


The surface looks a bit rough here, but some top coat will smooth things over.

Most normal top coats will cause the foil to shrink and crack, so I chose to use a gel top coat from Born Pretty to seal the design. Top coat is essential when using foils because the foil will wear off quickly without it.


The right top coat makes for beautiful, shiny nails that look just as good as the original foil sheet!

It was hard to photograph the holographic effect without totally making the picture blurry, but it’s still there!


Nail foils are a little tricky to use at first, but they always come in gorgeous designs! Let me know if you have favorite top coats that you like to use with your foils.

In the meantime, stay safe out there, and happy polishing!

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