Magic Hidden Stamping Spring Nails

A coworker recently was talking about how sad she felt for the flowers outside because we’ve been having such crazy temperature swings! One day it feels like spring, and the next we have snow and all the little buds disappear! So of course, I had to find a way to translate this into nail art.

I have a strong bond with thermal polishes around this time of year especially because of the weird weather patterns. The one that I used for this manicure comes from Beauty Big Bang. It is a shimmery magenta toned purple formula that turns light pink in warm temperatures.


Beauty Big Bang Thermal Nail Polish in color 019.

Check out the swatches below to see the transition of this polish from hot to cold temperatures.


To bring my concept to life, I chose a nice plate from Bundle Monster with a floral motif and paired it with a stamping polish that was nearly the same color as the cold temperature shade of the thermal polish.


The BM-719 plate from Bundle Monster was a breeze to use because I could stamp a handful of nails with different designs from all around the plate without having to clean it!

I picked Born Pretty Stamping Polish in color #2603 to match the cold color of the thermal polish so that the design would only be revealed once the temperature warmed up. After all, warmth is what helps new flowers to grow out in the real world!


You can see that the stamping polish really blends into the thermal polish, making it look like the design magically appears from nowhere!



I think the only way to fully grasp the effect is to watch it transform.

The geek inside me loves the concept more than the design itself! Hope this was able to brighten your day, and if not, spring is just around the corner!

Happy polishing!

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