Abstract Watercolor Flowers Manicure

Hello everyone! I’ve been super busy trying to gather all my paperwork together to do my taxes, so I apologize for not being that active as of late. I suspect that I’m going to have to take a break at least until after April 15!

In the meantime, I tried to slap together something that would be quick to paint and look cute for spring. I drew inspiration from a bouquet of carnations that a student gave me after a concert and a plate from Born Pretty Store. Let’s get started!

I first painted all my nails white. I looked for an unused polish in my collection and came up with this neon base coat from Formula X. Because it was meant to be used underneath other colors to make them appear brighter, it doesn’t really perform the best as a stand alone color, but it does the job.


This neon base coat from Formula X has a slightly yellow tint to it. 3 coats of polish are pictured here.

To make the outline for the flowers, I used a plate from Born Pretty Store. The image in the top left corner is a beautiful abstract floral design that I loved for its hand painted look.


Valentine’s Day BP-L001 plate from Born Pretty Store.

Because the pattern was so large, I was able to stamp various portions of it across all of my nails which added to the hand painted look.


Stamping was done with Ya Qin An polish in Black.

I added a watercolor effect over the stamping by using alcohol ink sourced from BiC Mark It Permanent Markers. The colors I used were Rambunctious Red, Lemon Bliss, Summer Melon, Margarita Green, and Lime Sorbet, which all sound delicious! You begin by coloring sections of a plastic bag with the markers, then you wet a brush in rubbing alcohol, dip it in the shade of your choice, and apply it to your nail. It creates a watered down look of the original color that paints easily, and the pigment sets once the alcohol content of the ink dries.


The washed out colors are perfect for a manicure like this.

Here’s a shot with one of the carnations from the bouquet that inspired this look.


Thanks for reading, and happy polishing!

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