Holographic Animal Print Nails

I’ve got another quick manicure for you today courtesy of some holographic nail foil!

I started by painting my nails a basic black.


2 coats of What’s A Tire Jack? from Sephora by OPI create the perfect base color for this manicure.

The foil comes from an assortment from Born Pretty Store. The design I chose for this manicure is shown on the lower left hand side of the picture below.


Set of 12 holographic foil designs, item 41600 from Born Pretty Store.

To make the foils easier to handle, I cut out the nail sized prints from the sheet.


At this point, I applied a coat of nail foil glue from Beauty Big Bang to my nails and allowed it to dry clear before applying a piece of foil on top of each nail. I rubbed the surface of the foil with an orange stick and then lifted the film up quickly to transfer the design.


I love the iridescent rainbows in the foil!

To help smooth over the surface and protect the foil, I applied a water based base coat from Born Pretty as a final step.


To be honest, the holographic effect diminishes slightly as the base coat dries fully, but the design is still pretty cool! It’s a shame that using foil with a top coat can be so temperamental because my nails looked insane with the initial holographic effect!


After the base coat dries more, the holographic effect is no longer as strong, but at least the foil will stay put!

Do you have any favorite top coats for foils? Let me know in the comments!

Happy polishing!

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