Sparkly Multichrome Manicure

I’ve still been pretty busy these days, but I needed a change from my last manicure, so I went for something that would be quick and easy to put together for this week.

My polish of choice was something that looks stunning on its own: a multichrome polish from Beauty Big Bang. They call this Chameleon Polish 001, and the color is amazingly shifty in a good way! It has forest green tones that border on teal blue and has a dark purple undertone in indirect light.


Beauty Big Bang Chameleon Polish 001

This polish alone would have been enough for me, but I added some multi-toned rhinestones purchased from AliExpress to make it look even more fetching.


These rhinestones come in a few different sizes and have a somewhat iridescent sheen to them that make them appear multicolored.

I used Born Pretty Nail Glue to affix the 2 smallest sized rhinestones from the package to my nails, keeping them arranged in a relatively straight line down the center of each nail to create the illusion of elongation.


I applied a full line of rhinestones only to my middle finger and used only 1-2 stones for the other nails to be more proportionate to the length.

That’s literally all you need to create this manicure! I love how the rhinestones echo the different tones of the multichrome polish. It’s really eye catching, and one of my students asked if I could cover up my nails as I was pointing something out to her in her music because they were distracting her so much!

Happy polishing!

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