Fleur de Lis Medieval Renaissance Nails

Hello, and happy June! I’ve been busy with performances again, so I’m trying to catch up on manicures and reviews now.

Last week was my guy’s birthday, and he bought himself some new gear to go with his ever expanding Renaissance Faire wardrobe! It got me thinking of medieval prints for this week, so I came up with this antique looking fleur de lis manicure.

To start, I painted all my nails black. What’s a Tire Jack? from Sephora by OPI is my go to black polish, although I’m going to have to switch it up pretty soon because the bottle is getting close to empty after all these years!


The fleur de lis design was taken from a plate from Bundle Monster’s Time Machine series.


The Time Machine BM-XL131 plate from Bundle Monster screams medieval times.

The plate artfully places a few designs in the dress of the woman, and you can see that the fleur de lis pattern is on the bottom left side of her skirt.

I used Torque, a burnished metallic gold color from Formula X for Sephora, to do the stamping. I aimed to align the design with the center of each nail for uniformity.


I felt that this color palette needed to be finished with a matte top coat, so I used BK Super Matte Surface Oil (probably a bad translation from the Chinese characters for top coat) to complete the look.


The end result looks pretty authentic to the medieval time period, no?

Hope you are having a wonderful June! Happy polishing!

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