Glittery Flowers and Leaves Manicure

Hello! Today I’m bringing you a floral season crossover manicure that fits spring and summer months equally well. Let’s get started!

For my base color, I picked a light pink from Ulta’s Salon Formula collection called Encore Pink. Honestly, now that I’ve tried out this line, I wouldn’t use it again because it took 3-4 coats to get even coverage across my nails, and it took forever for it to dry properly! I do love the pink color though.


Ulta Salon Formula Nail Lacquer in Encore Pink.

I wanted to use leaf and flower patterns for this design, so I sourced them from two different plates from Born Pretty Store.


I used the 3rd image from the left of the bottom row of the Floral BPX-L018 plate from Born Pretty for my index, pink, and thumb nails.


The flowers from the 2nd row, 2nd image from the left of plate BP-L066 from Born Pretty were used on my middle and index fingers.

I used Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish in Green to transfer the images to my nails. For some reason, it was not as opaque with the floral image as it was with the leaf image. The plates looked to be engraved with the same depth, but perhaps this was not the case after all.


For the final touch, I used a small dotting tool to apply OPI’s He’s My Surfing Instructor over the small flowers in the design. The polish consists of different iridescent and light blue glitters suspended in a blue jelly base so the shape of the flowers still show through.


Macro shot of the flower detail.

Altogether this manicure is perfect for either spring or summer!


Hope you’re staying cool and having a nice June! Happy polishing!

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