Jellyfish Ocean Manicure

Happy summer, everyone! Who is looking forward to going to the beach? I have to live vicariously through my memories of previous summers for now because I’ve been ridiculously busy this month with gigs, so I brought the beach to my nails with this jellyfish design.

I started by painting my nails with Recall from Born Pretty’s Flower in Sunshine Series. It’s a beautiful mermaid turquoise green color with a pearl pink sheen and holographic sparkles.


To create an ocean effect with some depth, I sponged on dabs of Diva into the Pool from Nicole by OPI.


For more contrast, I added a few dabs of Queen for a Night from Finger Paints. This was also a good choice for me because it alludes to the Queen of the Night character from Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute, which I am currently playing!


The same effect could have also been obtained by using a smoosh technique with a stamper, but using a small piece of sponge with a pair of tweezers allows for more control of the color placement, and it was less messy as I didn’t need to apply a liquid latex barrier first.

The jellyfish come from the lower left quadrant of plate BP-151 from Born Pretty.


Using a double stamping technique, I transferred the image first with Beauty Bigbang Stamping Nail Polish 008 (silver) followed by another transfer of the same portion of the image with Ya Qin An stamping polish in Black. I only cleaned the plate after finishing the design of each nail so that the silver would show through more.


To finish off this design, I added clear caviar beads from Born Pretty to represent bubbles in the water. I used the circles of the design to guide me as to where to place the beads, and I affixed them with Born Pretty Nail Glue.


The beads have a slight iridescent sheen to them which make them mesmerizing to look at up close.

I think it came out looking super cute, even though jellyfish aren’t known for being friendly!


What makes you think of summer? Let me know in the comments!

Happy polishing!

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