Patriotic Independence Day Nails

Happy July 4! It’s America’s birthday, so my nails are painted with red, white, and blue colors to commemorate our nation’s flag.

The easiest way to do this manicure is to start with a white base. I chose Ya Qin An Stamping Nail Polish in White because it dries quickly and is completely opaque in 2 coats.


I used Bundle Monster’s BM-H25 plate to do the stamping. I featured the images on the top and right sides of the plate in this manicure.


The stamping technique that I used requires the application of two different polish colors to the same design and a single scraping away of the polish so that a gradient effect is not created. It easily becomes a complete mess of colors if you’re not careful with this!

My nail polishes for this were Ya Qin An Stamping Nail Polish in Red and also in #8 (Blue). I carefully applied dots of blue nail polish over any part of the design that contained stars and red polish everywhere else. I scraped the polish off the plate with one motion and transferred the pattern immediately with a clear stamper.


Pictured here with no top coat yet.

I finished up by applying a  layer of Ya Qin An Top Coat over everything, and of course I managed to bump a nail on my lamp right before I took the photo. I tried to fix my ring finger as best as possible with a fine detail brush and the same polishes, but you know stamping never quite looks the same as hand painted nail art because stamping uses such a thin layer of polish to do its thing.


In any case, this is quite a festive look for the holiday, or for any other day in the US! Hope you have a great day!

Happy polishing!

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