Grape Manicure

Hello! Sorry to have been MIA again, but I was depressed about my peeling, brittle, breaking nails. In my haste to remove some of my last few manicures, I’ve been using 100% acetone, which really wreaks havoc on natural nails, so I needed a bit of a break. I ended up repairing a broken nail with some acrylic powder, which accounts for some of the lumpiness in the manicure you’re about to see because I didn’t apply it to the whole nail and apparently didn’t file it down very well, either. Oops. But hence the inspiration for my [sour] grape manicure.

In my head I saw grapes on top of a terracotta tile like the decor you might find at Home Goods, so I opted for a buff neutral color (Alison from Julep) to go with the nails that would have grapes on them. The other nails got painted with one of the accent colors that I planned to use for my grapes: Purple with a Purpose from OPI.


I love the shimmer in the purple polish from OPI, and the buff/peach colored nails have what Julep calls a “soft focus finish.”

I made decals out of the Fruit BP-X45 plate from Born Pretty. The design obviously came from the bottom right corner.


I first stamped the design with Ya Qin An Stamping Nail Polish in Black. I then colored in random grapes with the same purple color from OPI that I used previously. After that dried, I applied Racy, a purple metallic chrome color from Formula X for Sephora, to the entire grape outline. The leaves were filled in with Rocket Fuel, a green metallic chrome from the same Formula X for Sephora collection. I repeated these steps with multiple stampers so that all my decals were ready to go once the polish dried on them.


To help transfer my decals, I applied a thin coat of Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue to my nails prior to stamping the images directly onto my nails. This gave my decals something to stick to as fine details have a habit of staying on the stamper instead of transferring to the nail when the polishes are completely dry. After trimming down the edges and removing the excess polish of the decals from my cuticles with acetone and a small brush, I applied some top coat and was left with this cute design.


I may have been a little heavy handed on the glue, which accounts for some of the wrinkling around the grapes, but I’m fairly happy with the outcome.

I suppose I would have been better off posing with a glass of wine and toasting to better nail health in the future. Happy polishing in the meantime!

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