Sandy Beach Nails

It’s hard to believe that we’re halfway through August already! I have no idea how time has been flying by. To be honest, I did these nails 2 weeks ago but am only just now starting to catch up with my blog.

In any case, I still haven’t been to the beach this summer because I’ve been so busy. The closest I can get to one is through some nail art.

I started by painting my nails with Born Pretty Thermal Gel in color BP-5730. I love thermal polishes for their natural gradient effect and also for their ability to entertain me in different temperature settings! This one looks like a pale periwinkle blue in warm temperatures and a deep royal blue in cold temperatures. It also has the perfect sprinkling of two different sized glitters in the formula which truly makes it look more special.



I applied and cured this polish for about 1 minute and repeated the process for a second coat.

My next step was to create a sandy beach line along the half moon area of my nails. I first painted a little of Born Pretty Mirror Metallic Series polish in No More Chrome for a base. I then used a small sponge to dab on Finger Paints nail polish in Masked Beauty, a gold glitter color, to create a gradient effect that faded into my blue “water.” I added a slight foamy texture above the “sand” by applying drops of Kiko Make Up Milano Nail Lacquer in color 204 into a small container of water and spraying a little hairspray from an aerosol can onto the surface to make holes in the layer. The process is very similar to that of doing water marble nails except only one color is used. In retrospect, I wish I had applied more drops of polish to the surface to make the color more opaque, but this was the first time I tried using that technique. Live and learn!


To finish off the look, I chose from an assortment of pearl rhinestones, gold shells, and clear microbeads and affixed them with Born Pretty Nail Glue. I think it looks quite fetching.


The nails in a warm setting.

The “foam” stands out a bit clearer against the cold temperature color.


There’s still a bit of time before work picks up again, so hopefully I’ll be a little more active across the next few weeks! Until then, happy polishing!

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