Art Deco Chrome Nails

Today’s design was loosely inspired by a beautiful chrome polish from Born Pretty called No More Chrome. The color is a cross between champagne gold and platinum, but it stands out for its somewhat pearly metallic finish.


2-3 coats of No More Chrome were applied for this swatch.

This color begged to be paired with some bold graphic lines, so why not do something art deco?

The source for the pattern was an unlikely one. I used plate BP-L073 from Born Pretty and chose to feature the flower pattern from the center of the right half of the plate. The petals offered the look that I wanted to achieve.


I wish it were easier to separate the parts of the image on this plate so that the petals were isolated from the neighboring designs, but no one notices these things at first glance. I also happened to be in luck because my nails are so short right now that I could get away with not having to remove anything from the stamped image provided that I tilted it just right. I really wanted to feature the edges of the petals so there would be space for the beautiful base color to show through.


Stamping was done with black Ya Qin An polish.

I was not totally in love with this pattern, but I had a total stranger ask to see my nails up close and ask how they were done, so I guess it looks ok!


These nails would be the perfect complement to any 20s era or Great Gatsby themed party. It makes me think ahead to Halloween…

Happy polishing!

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