Textured Leaf Manicure

Happy Fall! I’m transitioning into the season with a sophisticated yet simple manicure.

I picked a pretty sage green from my collection for an understated look. The leaves haven’t started changing colors yet in NYC, so I didn’t want to rush into the typical color palette for fall yet! My pick was Fearless from Formula X for Sephora. I then applied a generous coat of BK Super Matte Surface Oil to create a flat finish.


2 coats of Fearless from Formula X for Sephora look even more elegant with a layer of BK Super Matte Surface Oil applied on top.

To create a textured leaf, I used a fine detail brush with Born Pretty Crystal Sand Top Coat and painted the stem first, making my first stroke a little heavier at the beginning and lightening the pressure toward the opposite end to create the thick and thin widths of the line. This same type of stroke was used to add in the other leaves along the stem. I also chose to make the leaves bigger toward the thickest part of the stem and smaller toward the tip.


The top coat creates a slightly rough texture reminiscent of a gumdrop.

My only other step was to apply a coat of the textured top coat over my middle fingernail for some extra interest.


I love the understated simplicity of this look and feel like this could easily be a bridal manicure with the base color changed to whatever the wedding’s color is.


Hope you are enjoying the cooler weather! Happy polishing!

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