Fall at Sunset in the Park Nail Art

Oh, fall. It’s the perfect time to bring out all those toasty, golden colors that match the leaves outside. While most of the leaves are still green in NYC, I decided to get a jump start on the season with my nails.

For my base, I used a shimmery lemon shade from Julep called Nadia.


2 coats of Nadia by Julep were applied for this swatch.

To create fall vibes, I used a fan brush to streak Pam from Julep (holographic orange) and Charge It! from Sephora by OPI (gold) across my nails. I used a slightly wavy motion to get a wind swept effect.


I used two plates from Bundle Monster (now called Maniology) to create the fall scene across my nails.


I focused on the tree image from plate BM-707 and stamped various parts of it across my nails with Candace (shimmery brown) from Julep.


I love squirrels, so I added the little guy from the center of plate BM-722 with Ya Qin An stamping polish in Black.

This scene looks like the park at sunset!


You may be wondering how I managed to fit so much of the tree/bench image onto my middle finger. That fingernail is only about half an inch long, yet the image was over a full inch tall! You may have heard of a shrinking image stamper set from Born Pretty or other similar nail art websites. While I don’t own the set, I do already have similar stampers. You can watch the video below to get a better sense of how the technique works and leave a comment on this post if you have questions.

The image gets flipped vertically in the process, but it’s a very cool technique!


Enjoy the season! Happy polishing!

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