Radioactive Frankenstein Manicure

It’s less than a week away from Halloween! Do you know what you’re putting on your nails yet?

I’m probably going to end up changing my manicure again before the big day, but I wanted to do a cute take on Frankenstein first! It’s been awhile since I’ve done some freehand nail art, so it was nice to pull out the brushes for this one.

I started by painting my nails black except for my ring finger, which I painted green. I used What’s A Tire Jack? from Sephora by OPI for the black color and Radioactive from Formula X for Sephora for the green shade.


This color combo looks very Wicked!

Next I applied a glow in the dark polish over the green nail. I used Fright Night Claw Polish in Ghostly Glow, something I bought from a Spirit Halloween store one year. It’s pretty useless in terms of color on its own, but I use it over other polishes to make them glow in the dark. It leaves a milky powder behind, but it does allow the color underneath to still show through.

Frankenstein’s hair makes for a natural French tip, so I used a small brush dipped in Craft Smart Acrylic Paint in Black to paint the hair. I pointed the tip of the brush towards my cuticle and stroked towards the free edge of the nail many times so that his hair would have a natural, jagged line.

Simple lines were painted for the scar and stitches, his eyebrows, and mouth. The eyes were dotted on with the tip of the brush, as was his single tooth, added in good humor with a dot of white acrylic paint.

The dripping slime was done freehand with curvy brush strokes and a small brush. Why slime? Because I wanted to do a take on a French manicure and because Frankenstein is green! Because I used black polish for a base, I had to paint the drips with white acrylic paint first to ensure that the green color would stand out. Because of the pigmentation of the polish, I had to apply 2 coats of Radioactive. A layer of Ghostly Glow was painted on top of that, meaning that the drips were actually painted on 4 different times! I admit to being a little sloppy in the process, so I used a small brush with What’s A Tire Jack? to clean up the lines and correct the shape before applying top coat to everything.


You can see how the glow in the dark polish slightly changes the color of the green polish.

I think Frankenstein looks adorable. After all, he is a misunderstood character! He looks a little despondent because he just wants to get away from everyone.


I probably should have applied a few more coats of Ghostly Glow to help with the glow in the dark effect. They do glow for about a minute once the lights go off, but they’re not very bright. I charged the pigment with a blacklight to get this photo, but the results actually look better on camera than they do in real life.


The glow in the dark polish that I used has a very short lifespan once the lights are shut off. Don’t count on the effect lasting for more than a minute!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Happy polishing!

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