Sophisticated Snowflake Manicure

Here’s a quick tutorial for the manicure that I sported at my concert last Sunday. Just like the snow we had last Thursday, it was here for a day and gone the next because I used a peel off gel base coat underneath these nails. I needed a design I could put together quickly the night before the concert because I unfortunately had mismatched hands due to my Cindy hand (right hand) having a traditional gel polish application that would go the distance and my left hand sporting a different manicure that had a peel off base coat.

I started by applying Born Pretty Peel Off Gel Base Coat to all my nails because I suspected that I wasn’t going to be able to do as nice of a job for this manicure due to time constraints. This layer was cured for one minute in a UV/LED lamp.

Next, I painted my nails black using Laguna Moon Classic Soak-Off UV-LED Gel Polish in color CL117. Two layers of polish were applied and cured at a minute per coat, leaving my nails glossy and completely dry for the next step.


I thought silver polish would look elegant against the black backdrop, so I used Ya Qin An Stamping Polish in Silver to transfer the pattern from the top left corner of plate XL-030 from Beauty Big Bang for this manicure.


The silver polish from Ya Qin An doesn’t always cooperate with me in making crisp imprints, although I adore the company’s other non-metallic stamping polishes. I think this one is just a little too thick, so not all the details get picked up.


The stamping could have been better if I used a polish thinner to dilute the thickness of the polish, but I was in a rush so I could get some sleep that night!

The color combination does make a striking impression.


From a distance, my nails still look awesome and glossy, but most importantly like the same manicure is on both hands!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate. Happy polishing!

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