Review of Beauty Big Bang BBBXL-032 Stamping Plate

Beauty Big Bang has been releasing their line of stamping plates over the past year or so, and the designs keep getting better and better! Over the next few weeks, you can expect to see some reviews of their Christmas/winter themed plates, but we’re going to start with the Beauty Big Bang XL-032 plate first.

Upon unwrapping my order from them, the thing that stands out right away is the packaging. Each of the plates has its own designated cardboard envelope that can be reused for storage purposes. It specifies the name of the plate on the front along with a cute graphic that indicates the theme of the designs that are inside. I still wish these products would have a picture of the plate or a clear window so you can see the contents, but this is already a huge step up to plates from other companies that tend to use the same generic sleeve for all their plates.


The reverse side has a pictorial of how to use the plate, although it is not particularly informative. I think most people already know how to use stamping plates at this point, but the link for the item has more detailed instructions for how to use this product.

Also of note is the presence of a bar code. Because the packaging is specific to plate XL-032, it has a individualized code. Of course this is of no importance to the average consumer, but this is a huge deal for any store owner because she will not have to print her own ticket for the item, allowing for faster processing and checkout times.

The plate itself is mounted on a thick piece of white plastic while the metal surface is covered with a blue plastic film. The white plastic allows for safe handling of the plate because people can cut themselves on the metal edges (this has actually happened to me!), and the corners are rounded for added accidental injury prevention. The blue plastic prevents the plate from getting scratched during shipment, and this layer must be removed prior to using it.


Not pictured: the backside of the plate is labeled with the company’s name and website.

This plate contains 11 rectangular designs and 5 other stand alone designs that would be capable of filling up an entire nail. Each rectangular image is 1.5 x 2.5 cm, meaning that they are quite large! These designs can easily cover normal sized nails and would even be suitable for pedicures. You might even have to shrink down the images if you want to see the entire picture on your nail.


Although the majority of the designs have a distinctly winter/Christmas theme, there are some generic prints on the plate. I didn’t want to torture people by rushing into the holidays so soon, so I turned these prints into a fall theme with the right color palette.


The third design from the left of the top row of the plate was used for this argyle print manicure.

You can see that the images transfer beautifully thanks to the deep etching of the plate. The lines are thick enough to pick up the polish well yet remain thin enough to give impressive detail.



I think this lumberjack flannel print is very chic. The print comes from the bottom row, 3rd image from the right.

Overall, the quality of the plate is top notch, and you will be able to create enough manicures from this one item to get you through the entire season without a problem! Simply change the color of your nail polish to be able to use this plate throughout the year. It’s a great bargain for the price.

Diamond rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ (5/5)

If you are interested in purchasing this stamping plate SKU: BBBXL-032 (retail price is $5.99 USD), the link for the item is shown below.  Using code CHRISS will get you 10% off your order, and Beauty Big Bang offers free worldwide shipping. Happy polishing!

Or purchase the plate as part of a set of 5 Christmas themed plates for a bigger discount! SKU: ZHSP0467 (retail price: $25.99 USD). Don’t forget to apply the coupon code CHRISS for that 10% off!

10% off coupon code: CHRISS

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