Classy Fall Manicure

When you think of elegance, pinecones and acorns are probably the last things that come to mind! I somehow managed to create a look that includes both those things yet still looks very classy. Keep reading to find out how!

I started by painting my nails a nude pink shade using Laguna Moon Classic Soak-Off UV-LED Gel Polish. I applied 2 coats and cured each layer for 30 seconds in a UV/LED lamp.


I used the Beauty Big Bang XL-034 plate for the designs on this manicure. I focused on the acorns and pinecones to the left of the rooftop and the actual rooftop itself.


Using Born Pretty Stamping Polish #1 (gold), I transferred the top middle portion of the rooftop design to my thumb and middle and ring fingers using a clear stamper to center the point of the image facing toward the cuticle. I used the same gold polish to transfer a few of the acorns and pinecones, creating my own design out of the single images by stamping them individually. I chose to outline the outer edges and cuticles of my pinky and index fingernails rather than cover the entire nail to create a balance between the design elements and negative space.

After the initial placement of the acorns and pinecones was chosen, I stamped over the images a second time with Born Pretty Stamping Polish #15 (brown), leaving room for the faintest gold border to show underneath. Double stamping creates a multidimensional effect and allows the images to pop more.


I chose not to double stamp over the middle and ring fingernails because the dark color would have weighed down the design too much.


I think the pinecones especially look nice because they remind me of the glittery ones you sometimes see as Christmas tree ornaments.


That’s all for now! Happy polishing!

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