Celebration Nails

With the holidays comes a lot of celebrating, so I created this fun manicure to make your wine glass look more chic.

I started by painting my nails a mauve toned purple. Pretty much any dark color would be suitable though. This color is CL025 from Laguna Moon. 2 coats of the gel polish were used for the swatch, and each layer was cured at 30 seconds for this perfectly shiny (and dry!) finish.


I used a few different patterns from the XL-031 stamping plate from Beauty Big Bang (BBBXL-031) to form this design. I used the star garlands (top row, 3rd from the right), the clinking wine glasses (middle row, 2nd from the left), and the firework (middle row, 3rd from the right) to tell a story across my nails.


For the stars, I decided to use the image with the garlands running vertically to give my nails the illusion of looking longer. I stamped that design onto my middle, ring, and thumb fingernails with Born Pretty Stamping Polish #1 (gold). I used the same gold polish for the other designs and centered the wine glasses on my index fingernail while I had the firework burst from the side of my pinky onto the scene.


This design would be perfect for New Year’s Eve, especially against a black base color!


These nails were partly inspired by a wine glass that I own. You have no idea how hard it was to shoot this particular photo by myself! At least I had a drink ready afterward.


Hope you are enjoying the season! Don’t forget to celebrate all the positive things in your life every day. Happy polishing!

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