Review of Laguna Moon 6 Classic Color Gel Polish Set

Looking to buy a gift for a friend (or yourself!) who loves to do her nails? Look no further than this gel polish set from Laguna Moon!


This collection of six gel polishes is presented in fun yellow polka dotted packaging that is perfect for gift giving. The box is easy to wrap, and it opens up like a book to display the bottles inside.


Note the convenient thumb notches under each bottle! This makes it easy to take each bottle out of the box set and gives you incentive to store your collection in the original packaging.

Speaking of storage, you can easily place this box set on your bookcase instead of cluttering your vanity or drawer with more bottles. The spine of the box even says “gel polish” on it, so I think the company expects that you will do this.

The back of the box lists the ingredients and directions. Please note that this is a gel polish set which requires the use of a UV/LED lamp, so if you are purchasing this item as a gift, you will want to make sure that the recipient owns the necessary tools to do gel polish manicures at home.


Also of note: the directions refer to applying a base coat and top coat, neither of which are included in this particular set. If you do not own a gel base and top coat already, a great affordable version can be found on Amazon.

This set comes with 6 “classic” colors: red, white, black, gray, pink, and purple. The only thing that I found slightly annoying is that the color names are all item numbers (CL003, CL025, CL064, CL082, CL117, and CL361) that are each printed in black text on a white round sticker placed on the bottom of the bottle. You have to actually open the bottle to see which color is inside unless you swatch something yourself to affix to it or write the color name on the label for your own reference. I used fake nails for this project, but you can also swatch stickers.



Colors from the 12 o’clock position going clockwise: CL082, CL025, CL117, CL064, CL361, and CL003. These preliminary swatches were taken to affix to the bottles. Each color is displayed with 2 thin coats of gel polish cured at a minute per coat. The only exception is the pink polish, which has 3 coats on it because the color seemed more transparent compared to the other shades.

The polish applied well to each nail. The brush is pliable and effective, and the formula is easy to apply in thin layers. There isn’t any shrinkage when applying Laguna Moon gels over a sticky base coat like the one from Clavuz, but there is some shrinkage when it is applied over a very smooth surface, so you’ll have to brush over each nail quickly a second time with the polish and get your hand into the dryer as soon as possible if you want to cure all five fingers at once. Thankfully the formula is thick enough where it does not run or pool into the cuticles or the sidewalls.

I found that each color can cure in about 30 seconds per layer in a UV/LED lamp. For some of the swatches, I used a 60 second cure time but reduced it to 30 seconds for others just to test it out, and it worked just as well.

Now for the close ups!


CL117 is a dark, inky black and looks very posh.


CL064 is a shiny steel gray that is chic.


CL361 is a bright white that works great as a base for lots of nail art.


CL003 is a classic cherry red that looks like candy.


CL082 is a warm pink nude shade that matches the color of most nail beds.


CL025 is a purple-mauve shade. It’s actually a little darker than pictured here (see the fake nail swatch for a more accurate representation) which makes it even more elegant looking.

The color pigmentation is excellent across the board. All the swatches on my hand used two coats of color, even for the pink shade which I originally thought was too thin. In reality, the purple color appeared to have slightly more translucent coverage compared to the other shades, but the two coats displayed here did the job just fine.

Removal of the gels is like that of any other gel polish. It soaks off in about 10 minutes in pure acetone provided that the top coat was filed off first. The polish can then be gently scraped off without any damage to the nail bed, and the process can be repeated if necessary to remove any extra polish.

8 mL of gel polish are inside each bottle giving you lots of product considering the price point. The colors are all great and are what I consider to be the basics, so you’ll be able to use this set all year round. I highly recommend it, especially if you are trying to build up your gel polish collection!


Laguna Moon Classic Soak-Off UV-LED Gel Polish “All the Essentials” collection

Diamond rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ (5/5)

If you are interested in purchasing this gel polish set (retail price is $12.99 USD), the link for the item is below. Use code VIP11124 at checkout to save 30% off this item (valid until Dec. 31, 2018). Happy polishing!

*Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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