Glam Punk Sheep Nails

I had the wonderful opportunity to play with New Camerata Opera last week for their double bill of John Blow’s Venus and Adonis and Savitri by Gustav Holst. Everyone sounded amazing, but I was especially inspired by the costuming for the production of Venus and Adonis. They went for an MTV 80’s glam rock/punk interpretation of this 17th century opera with vibrant neon pinks and black mesh, leather, and lace.

After our first dress rehearsal, I promptly went home and created these nails.

I started by painting my nails white with Laguna Moon Classic Soak-Off UV-LED Gel Polish in color CL361.


2 coats of gel polish were applied with each coat cured at 30 seconds with a UV/LED lamp.

I ended up changing my middle finger to have black polish after a nail fail using some black glitter (not shown because it was that bad!). Good thing I used a peel off base coat underneath the gel! I ended up using Johnny by Julep on that nail.

Because I wanted bright neon pink for some of the nails, I used some Born Pretty Neon Phosphor Powder (item 36691) in color 6. To use the powder, I applied Born Pretty Gel Top Coat to all my nails except for the middle one and cured this layer for 10 seconds. I then used an eyeshadow applicator to rub the powder on top of my thumb, index, and ring fingers. I decided to use holographic glitter from Born Pretty (item 38962-6) on my pinky nail for some sparkle, so I applied the glitter to the half cured top coat in the same manner as the powder to make it stick.


I ended up applying one more layer of top coat and powder for extra coverage, and this is how it looked afterward.

I decided that my index finger and thumb should have a fishnet stocking type pattern, so I used the Born Pretty Flower Yarn S002 plate to accomplish this.


I used Ya Qin An Stamping Nail Polish in Black to transfer the design from the middle of the bottom row of the plate to my nails, taking care not to push too hard on the stamper so that the pattern wouldn’t get distorted. But honestly, if it did, torn fishnets would have been cool, too.

My ring finger was to become the main feature of this design as it had an adorable googly eyed sheep on it! The sheep comes from a scene from the beginning of the opera where members of the cast are identified as shepherds and shepherdesses by the fact that they have the woolly animal (complete with googly eyes!) pinned to their clothes.

I hand painted the sheep using the Laguna Moon CL361 gel polish. I cured the white gel for 30 seconds in a UV/LED lamp, then used a small brush with black acrylic paint to draw in little legs and the face of the sheep. A fine detail brush with white acrylic paint was used to draw in the mouth. Lastly I applied a coat of Born Pretty Reinforcement Gel to the entire nail, placed the two googly eyes on my design, and cured the nail for 30 seconds.

The last step was to apply some Seche Vite top coat generously to my middle nail and apply 3 square fluorescent pink studs in the pattern below to form a V (an A the other way) to stand for Venus and Adonis. Gel top coat was applied to my other nails and cured for the final shiny finish.


They used a lot of blacklights for the production as well, so these nails shone brightly in the pit.

I loved how these nails turned out, and I think they matched the production really well.


In a few days, you’ll get to see what nail art the other opera inspired. In the meantime, happy polishing!

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