Winter Landscape Nails

I mentioned the other day that my work with New Camerata Opera was hugely inspiring and that it spurned the creation of some glam punk sheep nail art. I didn’t want to leave the 2nd production of the double bill out, so for closing night, I did nails that were loosely based on the opera Savitri by Gustav Holst.

I used the trees from the projection and the color palette of the costumes as the inspiration for some winter landscape snowy trees nail art.

I started by painting my nails a pale shade of blue. This polish from Julep is called Joanna and is a cross between periwinkle blue, lavender, and gray with the prettiest shimmer in the formula.


2 coats of Joanna look like sheer heaven.

My intention was to not have to do too much freehand work, so I had a little help from the Beauty Big Bang XL-034 plate.


I used the pattern from the bottom row, 2nd from the right for the trees in the upper half of the image.

I first picked a sheer purple polish to stamp some trees on my middle two nails. Kayla from Julep shows up very subtly in the background. I then used Born Pretty Stamping Nail Polish #444 (Gray) and placed the same images slightly lower on my nails. The final step was to add some finishing touches by hand with a fine detail brush and some craft smart acrylic paint. I blended black and white acrylic paints to create a darker shade of gray to create the trees in the foreground of the design and then followed up with touches of a very light gray to brush the limbs of the trees with snow.


I finished up by applying a generous layer of BK Super Matte Surface Oil over all my nails to give the design a frosty look.


I get a very serene feeling when I look at my nails. There’s just something so special about nature, especially when you’re used to living in a concrete jungle.


Happy polishing!

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