Reindeer Nail Art

During Black Friday, I went a little overboard buying all sorts of goodies for myself. Part of my haul included some gorgeous prototype polishes from Elusive Fox Lacquer, an indie brand based in Erie, PA. These polishes are all pretty much one of a kind blends that didn’t make it into the owner’s final collections, but they are still incredibly stunning! I feel bad even publishing swatches of any of the colors because you won’t be able to find them anywhere else!

Prototype #38 (at least called #38 for Fall 2018) is a sparkly deep green crelly polish that is full of assorted flakies and glitters. It looks like Christmas in a bottle, and it served as the basis for this reindeer themed manicure.


Prototype #38 from Elusive Fox Lacquer is a one of a kind formula that was released for Fall 2018.

The reindeer for this design come from the Beauty Big Bang XL-033 stamping plate. I used two designs: the reindeer in the lower right hand corner formed the accent nail on my ring finger while the upper part of the rectangular image in the top row, 5th from the left was used on all my other fingers.


Ya Qin An Stamping Nail Polish in Black was used to transfer the designs. The rectangular image was used as is, but because the reindeer in the corner was bigger than the size of my nail, I had to shrink it down using a stamper stretching method. A larger squishy silicone stamper head is pulled slightly over a smaller cylindrical base (in this case, the cap of a round nail polish bottle) while the original image is stamped onto a different stamper and transferred quickly to the stretched out one. When the squishy stamper is released, the image shrinks down, and this smaller image can be transferred to your nail. Note that when using the shrinking method, the image appears in reverse because you are stamping the inversion of the original image due to the use of 2 stampers.


The finished design reminds me of the hunting for food portion of Oregon Trail. That probably wasn’t the kind of reindeer game that Rudolph and friends had in mind!


I do credit the base color for creating the wow factor of this manicure. It makes it look so much more holiday appropriate because of its sparkle.

Hope the holidays haven’t completely stressed you out yet! Happy polishing!

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