Cute Holiday Penguin Manicure

I was inspired by the cute images on the Beauty Big Bang XL-033 stamping plate to create this fun holiday penguin manicure. It combines a wrapping paper print with candy cane stripes along with it just for fun!

I started with an almost white base. This color is called Steph from Julep, and it has the slightest hint of pink along with a gorgeous shimmery finish. I didn’t pick a pure white because I knew I was putting the penguin on one of my nails, and I wanted his belly to be a pure white that would stand out compared to the base color.


2 coats of Steph by Julep were applied for this swatch.

As mentioned before, the Beauty Big Bang XL-033 plate spurned my creativity because of all the cute characters on it! I chose to feature the penguin on the far right side, 3rd row down, while using the print in the 2nd row, 3rd from the left as a base.


The rectangular print was stamped on all my nails with NSFW from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I specifically chose a normal polish as opposed to a stamping polish because I wanted the design to have that same sort of washed out look that candy cane stripes have. A super pigmented polish would have created too bold of a design that would have detracted attention from the penguin.


Stamping stripes can be tricky because the same amount of pressure used to pick up the image must be used when transferring it to your nail.

The penguin was slightly more difficult to make. The original image was transferred using Ya Qin An Stamping Polish in Black, then fine detail brushes were used to color in the different components. I made the scarf have white and green stripes (Ya Qin An Stamping Polish in White and Born Pretty Stamping Polish in Nirvana, respectively) while the feet were filled in with Ya Qin An Stamping Polish in Gold. The rest of the face and the belly were painted with the white stamping polish, and everything was allowed to dry.


I still have yet to find a better way of transferring my decals as this poor little guy split in a few places during the process of stamping it directly onto my nail. I hid some of the damage by restamping the antlers with a clear stamper to get the alignment right, and I touched up a few spots with a detail brush and the appropriate colored stamping polish for the area I needed to correct so at least I didn’t have to start over again!


This poor guy split in at least 4 places during the transfer process, although it’s hard to tell even in the macro shot. I didn’t repair the split above his right foot (it’s really minuscule and hardly noticeable in the bigger picture), but he still looks like he’s ready to party!

Seriously though, how cute is a penguin wearing antlers and a scarf?



Hope you enjoyed this dose of cuteness! Happy polishing!


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