Metal and Lace Manicure

Here’s a quick tutorial for this rather edgy looking metal and lace manicure.

I started by applying a gunmetal gray polish from Formula X for Sephora called Hypnotize. It is close to opaque in only one coat and dries with a naturally flat metallic chrome finish to look street chic.


2 coats of Hypnotize from Formula X for Sephora were applied to all my nails.

The big helper for this mani was the Flower Yarn S002 square plate from Born Pretty Store. It has images that can be layered on top of each other, eliminating the need to reverse stamp. Using a clear stamper is highly recommended with this plate but is not totally necessary.


I used Ya Qin An Stamping Nail Polish in Black along with the honeycomb pattern from the bottom left side of the plate for all of my nails. Afterward, I stamped the solid flower and butterfly images with Hypnotize on various parts of my nails to create a scene before stamping the more intricate lacy outlines over the solid prints with black polish.


Why not just stamp the outlines over the honeycomb background directly, you ask? The answer is because the lines of the honeycomb will muddy up the lacy patterns and make the design look more busy. Actual lace appliques are not simply sewn onto a background but are rather crocheted directly as part of the web of material to form one piece of cloth. Stamping the solid image underneath in the background color mimics this look.


I decided to keep the flat finish of the polish by applying a coat of matte top coat from Sephora by OPI to seal in the stamping. It is a very intricate looking manicure with a goth vibe that is fairly simple to do with the right tools.

Happy polishing!

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