“Ugly” Winter Sweater Nail Art

Here’s a somewhat simple winter mani you can try. I’m filing this one under “medium” difficulty only because stamping straight lines is a little bit of a nightmare, so we’re going to cheat and use gel polish as a base.

I started out by using Aimeili Gel Polish in #110 Prunus Persica. This is a somewhat lavender toned dusky rose color, and it’s a little on the sheer side. I applied 3 layers, each cured for one minute in a UV/LED lamp.


A friend of mine bought me a Konad (the OG!) plate during her trip to Asia a few years ago. It’s been so long that I can’t even remember where she went! But in any case, this “square” image plate (it’s really rectangular) was a souvenir she brought back for me.


Konad’s Square Image Plate 10 is full of Christmas spirit.

I used Ya Qin An Stamping Polish in White along with the 3rd pattern from the left in the bottom row on my thumb, middle, and ring fingers, and I stamped various snowflakes taken from the top row and the bottom right corner on my pinky and index fingers. It was hard to get the solid white lines straight across my nails, so this is where using gel polish as a base is a blessing! I must have redone both my middle and index fingers at least one, if not three, more times in an effort to get the lines to be more straight! The beauty of using gel is that it is impervious to acetone, at least for the purpose of removing a layer of regular nail polish that is stamped on top of it. This allows you the luxury of being able to redo your design as many times as you like without having to repaint the base color.


In retrospect, I would have liked to make that solid portion of the design more like a French tip. I had lined the edge of the pattern with my cuticle area not taking this into consideration, but you better believe that I was sick of stamping the same pattern so many times to get it straight and wasn’t about to test my luck by doing it again!


I still think the design looks cute and cozy. It makes me want to try to find a pink and white sweater with the same design for me to actually wear!

Hope the holiday season has treated you well! Happy polishing!

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