Outer Space Starry Nails

NYC experienced a very strange phenomenon last Thursday. It’s being dubbed the Astoria Borealis, and it was the result of an “arc flash,” so says Con Edison, although initial reports said that it was because a transformer exploded at the power plant, which is located in Astoria, Queens. What resulted was that the sky lit up bright as daylight with blue and orange lights that flickered much like they do when a fluorescent bulb starts to go bad. It was very alarming to see as it was after 9 pm when the sky is normally very dark, and the flashes continued for about 2-3 minutes. This light could be seen from miles away, and social media lit up with all sorts of images and videos from all over the area after it happened.

My initial thoughts were that either aliens had landed or that a bomb had gone off. So naturally that inspired some outer space nail art.

I chose a pretty jelly polish from Pretty & Polished called Don’t Be A Drag for my base color. It kind of looks like a galaxy with all the different kinds of glitter in the polish. You need to apply 3 coats to get good glitter coverage, otherwise the color is very sheer.


My images surprisingly all came from the Christmas L005 plate from Born Pretty Store. It does have a Christmas/winter theme, but it has some odd additional choices like constellations and animals wearing space helmets!


I stamped various star based images onto my nails with Ya Qin An stamping polish in Gold, leaving room for two characters. I chose to feature the polar bear and the bunny, so I used reverse stamping to make decals. The selected animals were stamped with Ya Qin An polish in Black, then I colored in the images with Coconut Milk (a white creme polish) from Dimension Nails and Lindy (a sheer pink jelly with mylar flake glitter) from Julep, which was used to fill in the helmets.


This is what the future could potentially look like! How wild is it that animals could be floating around in space?


Who knows, maybe the Astoria Borealis will have intrigued some people into a developing a career at NASA so that we can explore space and see if there really are aliens out there. But really, what a way to end the year with a bang!

Happy polishing!

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