Review of Aimeili Gel Base and Top Coat Set

Lately I’ve been getting into gel polish. It’s rather ironic because I never thought I would, knowing how often I change my nails, but I’ve gotten into the habit of applying gel polish to my right hand (my Cindy hand) to protect my nails from getting beat up from using acetone so much. Between needing to remove polish on my hands and toes on a regular basis, Cindy also touches acetone while cleaning stamping plates and generally gets abused at work and while doing household chores. It made sense for me to apply gel polish, which generally doesn’t get affected by acetone when exposed for short periods of time, at least to that hand so that I didn’t have to worry about my nails becoming increasingly brittle over time.

It has been said that gel polishes work best when you use them with the base and top coat made by the same company, so I used a set by Aimeili along with one of their gel colors (110 Prunus Persica) for this review.


This gel base and top coat set from Aimeili is packaged in a cute box and comes with an instruction sheet inside.

The top and base coat bottles look identical to their gel polish color bottles except for the fact that the text on the bottle indicates which formula is which. Each bottle has a sticker on top of the cap that says “Base” and “No Wipe Top” so you can easily find them if you store your polishes inside a box.

I used a 1 minute cure time with a UV/LED lamp for each layer of base, color, and top coat that was applied. Thin coats are key in getting the polish to last, as is doing the proper prep work to your nails (buffing and cleaning the surface) prior to any application of the formula.

The base coat is slightly tacky after curing it, which helps to get the color coat to stick and not shrink. The top coat is a no wipe formula which leaves a smooth surface and a plump and glossy shine.



These snowflake nails used an Aimeili gel base, color, and top coat along with stamping with regular nail polish.

As for the durability, Cindy has been wearing the same color for 14 days with minimal wear to the tips and hardly a chip in sight! Remember that this hand is exposed to acetone on a regular basis, so imagine what the results would be like for someone who treats their hands well!


Please excuse the photo quality here as I used my cell phone to take the picture. I have no idea how anyone can use a real camera to take a photo of their right hand!

Removal of the formula is the same as it is with any other gel. It soaks off in pure acetone, although you will still need to scrape the gel off somewhat once it starts to flake. Just take your time and keep soaking your nails if it doesn’t come off all at once so that you don’t damage your nails. Using soaking caps with can help with the process.

Individually, the base and top coat sell for $6.99 each, but as a set, you will only pay $9.99. This is insanely cheap as you get 10 mL of polish in each bottle. Other gel top and base coats easily cost more than double that price for even less polish inside, and the ones from Aimeili are of an equal quality to them, if not better. This set is a no brainer if you deal with gels!

Diamond rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ (5/5)

If you are interested in purchasing this gel base and top coat (retail price is $9.99 USD), the link for the item is below. Happy polishing!

Disclosure: As an Amazon associate I earn from qualified purchases.

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