Snowflake French Manicure

We’ve had little bits of snow here and there in NYC, although it melts not long after it falls. It’s proved to be the inspiration for this pretty snowflake tipped manicure.

I started by painting my nails with a silver and holo glitter gel polish from Aimeili called Silver Glitter Explosion (#023). It applies mostly clear and looks like fairy dust thanks to the sparkling glitter pieces. I used 3 coats for this manicure to get the coverage shown below.


Because I feel that my nails look a little wrecked right now, I thought a French tip would be a great way to cover up any questionable looking spots. I recently purchased the M037 plate from Maniology that has an assortment of fetching looking French tip/cuticle designs with a distinctly winter vibe.


I bought the M037 plate from Maniology for a steal because it was on sale, and I used my own coupon code FINEPOLISH10 to save another 10%!

I used the snowflake designs from the lower right side of the plate along with Ya Qin An white stamping polish on all my nails, choosing the size that was most appropriate for each nail. I love how they designed the plate with this in mind, as you normally see only one generic size for French manicure templates.


I finished off with a gel top coat by UR Sugar to seal my manicure in with a glossy shine.


This manicure turned out prettier than I expected, and I love how my nails twinkle in the light when I move my fingers thanks to the holographic glitter!

Stay warm out there! Happy polishing!

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